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Simple is beautiful.

Simple, small, fast, focused
Simple, Tiny, Fastest, Focused

Compact and powerful spam blocking software (MMS blocking, Wap Push Push intercept), with eight kinds of blocking rules, filters all kinds of interference code SMS, detailed rich custom settings. The pursuit of “Set It and Forget It” concept, the system built a large number of keywords, set up after the installation can be done automatically without spam filtering. After installing the update, please restart the phone to get intercept priority.

SMS interception:
1 with nine kinds of spam blocking rules, various custom settings, no background service process.
(2) both provide a wealth of professional users custom settings, but also allows ordinary users to use the zero setting.
3. MMS MMS interception.
4. Wap Push Push intercept
5 Keywords supports code interference filter.
6 Compatible Youni have you, Go SMS, QQ contacts, Handcent SMS text messages and other third-party clients.
7 support miui millet (cancel SMS message priority settings in the system)
8 with restore accidentally intercepted messages to the Inbox.
9 Built black list editing, separate switch.
10 has a set period of time blocking.
11 rich interception record management features: batch marking, restore, delete.
12.Support quick search fuzzy rules.
13 export and import rules
14 Non-contact SMS release records.
15 Number support wildcard?, And *; content filtering supports regular expressions.
16 Support for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao numbers
17 to Report Spam messages.
18 FREE.

CC SMS interception is a fast growing software, so inevitably appear BUG, ​​BUG when you find when the hair before meaningless comments and scoring, please report it to me, rather than silently uninstall it, I will fix it as soon as possible .
E-mail: [email protected]

1 do not support dual-mode phones.
2 Please note that setting a background service open Task Manager whitelist excluded to avoid function failure.

CC SMS interception, CC call blocking, CC messages pop series

Understand the priority is used by the base:
自定义白关键词-> 自定义匹配号码位数-> 自定义黑号码-> 自定义黑关键词-> 手机联系人-> 正则表达式-> 内置白号码-> 扣”>Custom White Number -> Custom White keyword -> Custom match the number of digits -> Custom Black Number -> Custom Black Categories -> phone contacts -> Regular Expressions -> Built-in White Number -> Button 内置黑关键词”>Fee-based SMS (1062 *, 1066 *) -> Built-in black Keywords

The SMS interception CC Apk Download The SMS interception CC Apk Download

  • Updated:
  • Current Version:
  • Requires Android:2.2 and up
  • Category:Tools
  • Installs:1,000 – 5,[email protected] 30 days
  • Size:210k
  • Price:Free
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