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The traditional housewife cooking a routine: painful to think tonight What dish opened recipes how to do, and then go to the market to buy the ingredients, cooking recipes step. “The online Kitchen” software practice is: Open the refrigerator to see what are the ingredients in the house, enter their keywords “online kitchen”, in search of more than tens of thousands of copies of recipes, you know immediately what to eat vegetables, how do . This method can be made quickly expired food in the fridge delicacies, economical and practical as cooking I can relieve mental! cuisine

1, today recommended adding back to Home
2, the increase in the latest recipes
3, increase user registration landing
4, increase software recommended
1, increase the comments feature
2, Home sharing feature bug fixes
3 favorites with the history of traditional Chinese characters can not query the bug fixes
Deal with displaying recipes network instability caused display confusion
2, increasing support to the small screen (QVGA) models
1, modify the evaluation rules, each the only recipes evaluation time (praise and rotten).
2, remove the first module page ad.
1, increase the exchange of Cooks Cooks within the application traffic.
2, history on more in the
1 perfect platform sinks Cooks
2, add the user’s settings function, add the user’s avatar set
Increase Forgot your password via your registered email to get permission to change the password.
2, increased to change the password function
3, increasing the number of bars to display the comments in the recipe.
Increased Reply to comment functionality;
2, to enhance the reliability of the image upload;
3, click to hide pictures published at abnormal processing;
4 handled without landing can send microblogging bug.
1 Favorite recipes with synchronization features of the site, can permanently save your personal recipes for mobile phone will not be lost.
2, modify personal settings, so that the region can be automatically updated.
Modify add comment can not click view specific comments bug.
1, improved memory management, and enhance the stability of the software;
2, streamlined kitchen YHM specific content page;
3, modify personal page, the more detailed and easy to view the personal information.
1, adjust the display picture strategy, the software will push for the mobile phone screen image according to the screen size.
2, in a review to increase the reply feature, so it’s even more directly.
1, kitchen YHM forwarding function.
2 increase to view personal information function, cookbook reviews
3, to fix a serious bug in view the recipes may cause the program to shut down the bug, the bug appear in 4.0,4.1,4.2 version.
, Improve information list display display forwarding Comments, recipes image is displayed in the information list.
2, recipes and reviews switch back and forth may cause error repair;
1, modify the Category Search function, use the dial in the form Click determine
1, re-typeset classified, the similar classification query easier to use;
2, optimized display recipes function, so that the display time compressed to 1/2 of the original;
3, optimization community list display, show time compressed to 1/15 of the original.
1, the re-design of the home show recently recommended recipes
2, new this week, hot dishes and the month hot dishes, found the hot spot to share with you!
1, New Year’s Day themes, and to eat what troubles you solve the long-term.
2 new recipes a change of function, as long as a shake, delicious recipes submitted automatically.
3, modify the icon, the icon more prominent eye-catching.
Detailed classified information, to make the query more detailed
To increase the classification category of the query, From 32 to the current 278.
1 classification query optimization, click on the category the recipes can display the number of reducing unnecessary traffic;
2, fix the the occasional program displaying recipes error;
3, to optimize the the kitchen the YHM display speed.
1, new Chinese New Year special themes, tastes delicious over-Year of the Dragon;
Increase Sina microblogging landing;
3 new after landing Favorite recipes website automatically synchronized so Favorite recipes no longer lost.
1, increase the search when prompted recipes
2, change the algorithm, shook his recipes easily shake out recipes.
1, modify the style of the home, to make the page more clean.
2, Sina microblogging, Cooks sinks memory can be synchronized to Sina microblogging.
3, optimize the picture, so that the traffic down 40%
1, perfect picture storage structure, picture storage to the sd card.
2, repair the part of the user to open on fc.
1, fix some keywords in the search can not search;
2, to adjust the layout of the home side’s interface, optimizing the user experience, so that the interface is more delicate;
3, modify the recipes detailed page load faster, cheaper flow;
Updated recipes show page, recipes structured show.
2 fixes the problem of the search can not search multiple materials.
1, Cooks done dishes, make the exchanges more smoothly.
View more recipes experience changes, including the latest recipes, queries recipes, and classification query function.
Optimized software code compression software volume.
2, update the search algorithm, the search results are more reasonable.
3, updated feedback with respect to the function of increasing the version information
1, improved cache management, more provincial traffic;
2, modify the the Cooks exchange interface, the interface is more delicate, more reasonable layout.
1, update the login screen;
Updated registration interface, and fix the problem of registration does not automatically landing;
3, updated list of recipes, prominent display of the material;
4 update query recipes list.
1, landing QQ account;
2, increasing the function synchronized to the QQ space;
3, to enhance the interaction between the user and to make the information more smoothly.
1, to repair some of the recipes can not display pictures;
Like a post, Cooks exchange.
The new features added automatically detect network when wifi when the software will enter a large map mode, when the 3G network, the software will automatically enter the thumbnail mode.
1, fix the occasional error when the query recipes;
2, fix a the view specific recipes closed;
3 to repair problems caused Close the image is too large.
1, improve the display of the list, sliding more smoothly.
2, improved memory management, and to make the software more stable.
3 to repair the problem can not View Cooks upload a dish Figure
Updated logo, more easy to find;
2, fixes a problem some users can not send Cooks sinks;
3, increase the function of the selected dishes gently click menu can be configured based on the existing ingredients;
4, the repair of the list of pictures to show the problem of instability.
1, fix the occasional error when searching.
1, update the the release topics interface, to make the picture more piers;
2, find a friend, and more – find friend.
Deal with phone no sd card to enter detailed recipes exception.
1, increasing the reminder function of the weekly;
2, repair part of the sd card the phone can not display picture or display images slowly;
3, to optimize the display kitchen YHM topic.
1, increasing the recommended topics;
2, increasing the Recommended cookbook rotation function;
3, optimized memory management, make the application more smooth and stable;
1, increase the “publish” and “I” function module, the favorites over the “I” function module.
2, published under the published topic and write recipes with kitchen faithful to interact more like.
3 notification information to moved under my function.
1, modify personal information to modify page, while repair part of the mobile phone can not upload personal avatar
2, the hot topic.
3, repair Cooks exchange Recommended topic completely unable to show the problem.
1, increase the cooking mode to make cooking more convenient
2, view the materials and tools.
1, section 2.2, users can not start fixes;
2, reducing application using unusual problems after a long time;
3, the strengthening of the success of the upload pictures.
1, update a page, so that the personal information more clearly.
2, increased private kitchens and TA like the personal part.
A new personal page @ her private letter and add (cancel) blacklist function
2, a new private letter check and reply
3 to repair a lot of instability caused by software problems.

1, published topic Add tags;
2, Sina microblogging authorized inspection authorization expired;
Not start processing Sina microblogging user login.

1, Daren recommended;
2, the hot topic;
3, optimization of the reply to the experience of others;
4, to fix the problems that occasionally can not be inserted in the new topic.
1, to increase the functionality of exciting activities.
2, to repair some of the phone can not start the application.
3, part of bug fixes.
1, increase the share Sina microblogging, QQ space;
2, increase support for micro-channel, and open share content online kitchen.
1, intelligent network channel, the network exception no longer occurs;
2, the fixed part of the display picture show abnormal further reduce.
1, an increase Weekly receiving the setting of whether or not;
2, to enhance the stability of the share to the micro-channel.
Solve some users can not view pictures
1, to optimize the recipes reply operation;
2, to optimize the operation of a topic Reply.
1, add a voice comment feature, adding Cooks interactive fun;
2, repair the view articles unstable.
1 update the Sina microblogging Login authorization to repair the system can not be used more than 3.0 Sina authorized to log.
2, improved memory management, to make the software more stable;
1, around the kitchen functions;
2, modify Cooks exchange operation, more concise;
3, repair abnormal memory, the software is more stable.
Fixes add topic can not add labels;
2, to improve the speed viewing messages, more than 3 times faster.
Increase in the function of the cooking mode in the process of FIG.
1, an increase of adaptation to the big screen phone;
2, increasing the polyethylene discount function.
1, optimized for large screen phone support;
2, optimized recommended.
1, modify the Home show, make operation easier.
2, perfect hot topic, looking for friends on the big screen phone support.
1, modify the selected dishes show the way, to make the interface more concise;
2, to make the software better and to support the large-screen mobile phones and flat-panel computer display;
3, the compression of the soft-year resources, smaller
An optimized poly concessions, List show the way, and better support for large screen phones and tablet PCs;
2 optimized poly promotions details show, the optimization of large-screen phones and tablet PCs.

The online Kitchen cooking apk 9.8 Download The online Kitchen cooking

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