Excel kill M3.04.20

excel杀 Apk M3.04.20 Download APK
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Excel杀 Apk M3.04.20 Download

Android version of Excel to kill

Three killed, swept the board game world, you like it?
You Internet OL child?
Play a Wi-Fi signal is not good, waiting for other players to join?
The face of a variety of pain egg moves, are you angry?
Accident, to give up a game of very exciting fight, you upset?
Here, everything is a cloud! Excel Three killed, give you a real stand-alone experience! Ultra-high intelligent AI will make you hooked!
Excel to kill the three countries to kill the six players ants Office Office Excel Christmas 2010 launch of a stand-alone kill kill game, quickly office workers, students in a family favorite, Sina, Netease and other sites first time to do a report on, play the faithful and was widely disseminated to the various sites, forums, Excel kill its stand-alone game super good experience, highly intelligent AI design wins highly of friends to play, it is because it is based entirely on the Office Excel Programming, Office users wow, very happy to invite Microsoft Excel kill to participate in the official Office 2010 product promotional activities, the user experience is very good.
Excel support killing seven battle mode: 1V1, 3V3, five identity Bureau, eight identity Bureau, Cao Cao pass, pass through the DIY and mysterious mode, support for wind, fire, forest, mountain four expansion packs, as well as military contention package, ants package!
Excel kill Mobile is currently the latest version PCExcel version ported to Android phones up, a new more advanced AI system, support all expansion packs and battle mode, support all 1.6 of the Android system to support the full resolution, Android tablets The computer will be able to enjoy the 1200 * 800 ultra-high-definition game interface! The standard official OL voice package, your game is no longer a dumb ride killing field the Horseshoe accompanied by the sound, the pinnacle of battle to kill the flash sound go hand in hand!

excel杀 Apk M3.04.20 Download excel杀 Apk M3.04.20 Download

  • Updated:
  • Current Version: M3.04.20
  • Requires Android: 1.6 and up
  • Category: Casual
  • Installs: 50,000 – 100,[email protected] 30 days
  • Size: 4.5M
  • Price: Free
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