Inspire Mobile butler 1.0

Inspire Mobile butler Apk 1.0 Download Download APK
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Inspire Mobile butler Apk 1.0 Download

The Inspire mobile phone butler, is an intimate mobile intelligent management software, integrated into Zhu Duo Haizhuo the original technology, set flow management, mobile acceleration, ad-blocking, intelligent power-saving scenario, harassment intercept, software management, garbage clean-up in one, both optimization management, all-round care of your mobile phone wireless life.

Traffic management: Inspire’s first multi-course management, according to the WiFi / duration / access point / hotspot / time period and other conditions to add flexibility package, easy to deal operators WIFI / WAP unlimited traffic / period superimposed package. Excellent flow firewalls, to prevent flow sneak away! Inspire the original network and access points are automatically set to switch. Inspire Internet management, the industry professional quality!

Phone Acceleration: Inspire’s first intimate intelligent acceleration, thorough clean-up process does not rebound, timing / On Screen / above a certain value automatically clean up the garbage, so your phone is always fast over long distances!

Ad blocking: Inspire the first host firewall double block, double protection to the simple one button to block all advertising (root).

Scenario saving: chip design, super good texture, scene mode switching timing mode intimate scene linkage automatically reduced frequency, off hardware, truly intimate power saving!

Harassment blocking: flexible settings, harassing phone calls, text messaging is set on the outside, but also a tranquil escape.

The software management: Haizhuo first “cloud recommend” and “Recycle Bin” function, double protection uninstall management, more software installation, moving, batch Share.

Garbage clean-up: Clean up memory and SD card waste, more SMS cleanup and SD card space analysis to identify the most space folder!

The green of the software, no ads, no functional limitations, If you like this application, please mercilessly recommend to close friends! If you have any unsatisfactory, also welcome the Inspire the Forum ( give us valuable suggestions, which is best for us to encourage and support!

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Inspire Mobile butler Apk 1.0 Download Inspire Mobile butler Apk 1.0 Download

  • Updated:
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Requires Android: 2.2 and up
  • Category: Tools
  • Installs: 1,000 – 5,[email protected] 30 days
  • Size: 2.3M
  • Price : Free
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