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Online Kitchen Apk 10.1.2 Download

The traditional housewife cooking routines are: painful to think about what food to eat tonight, see how to do open the menu, then go to the market to buy ingredients accordingly by step cooking recipes. “Online Kitchen” software approach is: Open the refrigerator at home to see what ingredients they enter the keywords “online kitchen” in the search for more than tens of thousands of copies of recipes, you immediately know what food to eat today, how do . This method can quickly expired food in the fridge made delicacies, I can also reduce the economic and practical cooking’s mental! cuisine

1, an increase of synchronization with the site collection features recipes, you can permanently save your personal recipes for mobile phone will not be lost.
2, modify the function of the personal settings, so that district can be updated automatically.
3, can not be modified to add comments Click to view specific comments on the bug.
1, improved memory management, improve software stability;
2, streamlined kitchen sinks Friends specific content pages;
3, revised personal pages, so that a more detailed view of personal information and simple.
1, to adjust the display picture strategy, the software will push the screen size is suitable for all mobile phone screen picture.
2, an increase of reply in a review, enabling more direct interaction.
1, Cooks exchange increased forwarding.
2, in the cookbook comments added to the profile function
3, fixes a serious bug, in view recipes may cause the program to close the bug, the bug appeared in 4.0,4.1,4.2 version.
1, improve the information list display, an increase of the number of forwards and comments showed an increase of recipes images displayed simultaneously on the message list.
2, fixes the recipes and comments when switching back and forth may cause the error condition;
1, modify the Category Search function, use the form click OK turntable
A re-layout of the classification, the classification of similar queries easier to use;
2 to optimize the display menu function, so that display time compressed to 1/2;
3, optimizing the list of communities shows that showcase time compression to the original 1/15.
1 Home redesign, display recently recommended recipes
2, new this week, hot and hot this month, found that hot spots to share with you!
1, New Year’s Day theme, what to eat for you to solve the long-term troubles.
2, the new recipes change of function, just shake, delicious recipes submitted automatically.
3, modify the icon to make the icon more prominent eye-catching.
1, the refinement of the classified information, to make a more detailed inquiry
2, increasing the classification category of queries, from in front of 32 to the present 278.
An optimized search function categories, click on the number of segments to display the menu, to reduce unnecessary traffic;
2, fixes occasionally appear in the display menu program error;
3, optimizing Cooks sinks display speed.
1, New Year special topics, tastes delicious too Year of the Dragon;
2, increasing with Sina microblogging landing capabilities;
3, after landing favorite recipes added automatically synchronized with the web site, making favorite recipes are no longer lost.
1, increasing the search function to prompt recipes
2, change the shakes recipes algorithm, so shake out recipes easier.
1, modify the style of the home page to make the page more clean.
2, an increase of Sina microblogging support, you can exchange the Cooks memory synchronized to Sina Weibo.
3, optimizing the picture, so that the flow down 40%
1, improve the image storage structure to store the pictures moved to sd card.
2, the fixed part of the user to open on fc issue.
1, fixes some keyword searches can not search problems;
2, adjust the home side interface layout, optimizing the user experience, to make the interface more delicate;
3, modified the recipe detail page, load faster, and cheaper flow;
1, the updated cookbook display page, making recipes structured show.
2, fixes search problem can not search for multiple materials.
1, an increase Cooks done dish features that make communication more smooth.
2, change the viewing experience more recipes, including the latest recipes, check recipes, and classification queries.
1, optimizing the software code, the software compression volume.
2, update the search algorithm, the search results are more reasonable.
3, the updated feedback with respect to the function, an increase of version information
1, improved cache management, more provincial traffic;
2, modify the Cooks sink interface, the interface is more refined, more reasonable layout.
An update of the login screen;
2, update the registration interface, and fixes no automatic landing after registration problems;
3, the updated list of recipes, highlighting the display of the material;
4, the update query recipes display list.
1, an increase with QQ account login function;
2, increasing the functionality synchronized to QQ space;
3, enhance the interaction between users, making information more smoothly.
1, fixes some problems cookbook can not display pictures;
2, in the kitchen sink Friends adds features like an article.
Adds new features automatically detect the network, wifi state when the software will enter the Big Picture mode, when the 3G network, the software will automatically enter the small map mode.
A repair query recipes occasionally error problem;
2, see the specific recipes fixes problems when closed;
3, the image is too big fixes problems caused by closure.
1, improve the list display, slide more smoothly.
2, improved memory management, to make the software more stable.
3, fixes can not view Cooks Upload dish graph problems
One, updated logo, more simple and easy to find;
2, fixes some users can not send Cooks sinks problems;
3, an increase of selected dishes feature clicks, you can already produce according to the configuration menu;
4, fix to list pictures show instability.
1, fixes occasional error in the search problem.
1, updated the post topic interface to make the picture more pier;
2, increasing the find friends feature, more – find friends place.
A deal with the sd card when the phone is no exception when entering recipes in detail the issue.
1, an increase weekly reminder function;
2, the fixed part no sd card mobile phone can not show pictures or display pictures problem of slow;
3, optimizing Cooks sinks topic displays.
1, increase the recommended topics function;
2, increasing the recommended recipes rotation functions;
3, optimized memory management, make the application more smooth and stable;
1, an increase of “published” and “my” function module, the favorites to “my” function module next.
2, in the published post a topic and write down a recipe function, interaction with more diverse kitchen faithful.
3, the notification information to move under my function.
1, modify personal information to modify the page, and repair some of the phone can not upload personal avatars issues
2, increasing the hot topics of the function.
3, fixes Friends Meeting in the kitchen can not be displayed in the recommended topic completely problem.
1, an increase cooking mode, so that when the cooking is more convenient
2, increasing the view materials and tools.
1, section 2.2 fixes the following user can not boot;
2, reducing the application uses unusual problems after a long time;
3, strengthen upload pictures case of success.
1, update pages, make personal information more clearly.
2, an increase of private kitchens and TA favorite personal columns.
1, added a personal page under the @ her private letters and adding (cancel) blacklist function
2, add a private letter function check and reply
3, fixes a lot of instability caused by software problems.

1, an increase in post topic Add tags function;
2, increasing the Sina microblogging authorization authorization expired inspection;
3, the processing of the original landing Sina microblogging users can not boot.

1, an increase of people recommended functions;
2, increasing the added function of a hot topic;
3, optimizing the reply to other people’s experience;
4, to provide a new topic repaired occasionally problems can not be inserted.
1, an increase of exciting activities feature.
2, fixes some phones can not start the application problem.
3, fixes some bug.
1, an increase of share Sina microblogging, QQ space of functions;
2, an increase of micro-channel support, and can share content online, open kitchen functions.
1, an increase of intelligent network channel, the network no longer appear abnormal;
2, the fixed part of the presentation display pictures, abnormal further reduced.
1, an increase of weekly receiving or not set;
2, to enhance the sharing of micro-channel stability.
To solve some of the problems the user can not view pictures
1, the optimal response to the operation of the menu;
2, optimizing the operation of the topic replies.
1, add a voice comment feature, adding Cooks interactive fun;
2, view related items instability repair problems.
1, update the Sina Weibo login License, and repair of the system is unavailable for more than 3.0 Sina authorized login problem.
2, improved memory management, to make the software more stable;
1, an increase stroll kitchen features;
2, modify the Cooks exchange mode of operation, more concise;
3, fixes memory exception, the software is more stable.
1, fixes can not add tags when you add a topic question;
2, to improve the speed of the view messages, more than three times faster.
Increased during the cooking mode map function.
1, an increase of large-screen phone adapter;
2, increasing the functionality of poly Shipping.
1, optimized for large-screen phone support;
2, the optimization of the recommendation function.
1, modify the home page of the presentation, make operation easier.
2, improve the hot topic, looking for friends on the big screen phone support.
1, modify the selected dish presentation, make the interface more concise;
2, so that the software can be a better support for large-screen mobile phones and tablet PC display;
3, the compression of the soft-year resources, smaller the
An optimized list of poly preferential presentation, better support for large-screen phones and tablets;
2, optimizing the details of poly preferential display, large screen mobile phone and tablet PC optimization.
1, improve the kitchen sink Friends show support screen phone, tablet;
2, support the display of expression;
3, optimization of the image flow.
1, modify the recipe details page, showing finer;
2, increasing the function of the process diagram of recipes;
3, an increase of menu related functions.
One, updated recipes shook features that make data more formatting;
2, increasing the exit when writing recipes reminders;
1, to solve some machines can not share recipes to micro-channel circle of friends issues;
2, modify the Cooks Meeting in support for widescreen bad problem.
1, an increase of reports on the topic of functions;
2, improved display interface topic.
An update of the intelligent selection menu function, so that the theme selected dish richer.
2, in the smart-election theme dish at increasing the search function, more convenient to use.
An update of the intelligent selection menu function, so that the theme selected dish richer.
2, in the smart-election theme dish at increasing the search function, more convenient to use.
An update process of creating a cookbook;
2, an increase in the flow chart can be uploaded when creating recipes;
3, can be sent simultaneously to create recipes share Sina microblogging space with QQ.
1, an increase of recently popular cookbook sections;
2, an increase of home recipes audit function;
3, fixes some details Cooks sinks topic shows unusual problems.
1, added a sharing mode that allows the sharing of recipes to share realize the whole, rather than just the finished map sharing;
2, update the login, the login smoother;
3, updated registration, make registration easier.

The online Kitchen cooking apk 9.8 Download Online Kitchen Apk 10.1.2 Download

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  • Current Version:10.1.2
  • Requires Android:1.6 and up
  • Category:Health & Fitness
  • Installs:100,000 – 500,[email protected] 30 days
  • Size:1.6M
  • Price:Free
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