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Petals Apk 2.0.4 Download

The petals Network (
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Petals 2.0, a new cloud collection function, easy collection using a mobile phone while browsing web pages, pictures, videos.

Mass microblogging with map, micro-channel with map, phone wallpaper, let your social more exciting.

The media called “the most popular collection of tools, completely changed people’s Internet Favorite way.

Interest in the social network the most fun.
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Petals is a picture-based interest in social applications, you can use a new, surprising collection you like, and you show interest to a great waterfall flow “visual form This allows you to quickly attract found friends who share your interests.

Everyone in:

“Every day on the Internet, there will be a lot of interesting content makes me want to collection down, the petals this collection too convenient, too cool.” – Collection control polanme of

Weekdays collection of many design picture, and put on the petals APP hides them into the pocket, anytime, anywhere to bring my design inspiration. “- Designer Chen

“Micro-Bo petals to find with pictures too convenient, home, food, with the influx of goods readily available, especially beautiful pictures itchy eyes.” – Microblogging controlled sunimei002

“Every time I travel, I will route the query, scenic, eating and drinking and other information collected in the petals drawing board, on the road at any time through the petals APP check my plan, it is too convenient.” – ALICE Lewis

Petals APP photos great, not only various filter effects can upload photos to the the petals drawing board I generate a gorgeous waterfall stream photo wall, great love. “- Fashion Tong Zhen Lin

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A new design of the petals applications, new interface, look better, and more smoothly.
2 full support the WebP format of the picture, the overall flow decreased by 40%.
Support petals notification feature

Increase the collection of pictures from the web.
Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo user authorization certification upgrade to OAuth 2.0, and supports the Sina microblogging SSO way authorized
Fixed on Android 3.0 and later use the limitations of GPU-accelerated rendering pictures.
4 search interface to increase the search button, does not support SEARCH_ACTION input method is also normal search
Fixed camera acquisition, the proportion of shear picture is limited.
Increase camera360 filter function, take pictures and upload local images, you can use the filter processing image and then upload.
Upload acquisition and share to microblogging, while optimizing the upload and transfer mining interface
Increase a key concern petals of the micro-channel network official account.
Increase automatically clear the cache, so that the the image caching total control within a certain range.
5 other performance optimizations, bug fixes, etc.

1. The new petals Weekly, every week presents exquisite the recommended drawing board and acquisition.
2 Modify found clearer sections divided.
Increase the global search function to easily find favorite collection, drawing board or the user.
4 Increase view full size image
5. Improve application speed.
6 fixes multiple bugs.

1 increase in the share to micro-channel plug-in micro-letters-friendly user the petals application to share pictures.
Modify user feedback, so that users can be submitted directly online feedback information, and the application can directly see the official response.
Modify some of the underlying code, greatly increasing application stability.

An increased share to Tencent microblogging
(2) increase the delete your own collection function
3 Fixed some bugs and increase the stability of the application.

v1.0.7 updates

Increase the share to Sina microblogging
Fixes a number of bug caused flash back
Other performance optimization

v1.0.4 update
1: Increase the function of play gif image
2: video capture and gif acquisition will have a different icon indicates
3: Increase leaflets collected lateral the previous slide view after a function
4: increase the use of built-in camera software photos, this function can set the interface opening and closing.
5: Increase the entrance to the settings interface
6: to increase the stability of the application
7: Other minor bug fixes

v1.0.2 updates
Fix a bug in the view gif Figure
(2) increase the evaluation function

Petals Apk 2.0.4 Download Petals Apk 2.0.4 Download

  • Updated:
  • Current Version:2.0.4
  • Requires Android:2.2 and up
  • Category:Social
  • Installs:10,000 – 50,000
  • Size:8.5M
  • Price:Free
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