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Up to 4 / 22-5 / 6
Gung Ho strongest collaboration stage Showing!
To the person who started the kick princess Suites future
Up to 4 / 22-5 / 2
I would be GET 10 sheets of premium ticket
The holding also welcome campaign [!] NOW OR NEVER play buttoned princess!
I was plus a “puzzle” and “RPG elements”
Culmination of “Action Puzzle RPG”!

Smash hit 2.5 million downloads app
Latest in a series princess Keri “Keri Princess Suites”

★ The Tobase kick the “soldiers” to manipulate the “princess”!! ★
The burr kick kicking kicking more than last!

Assent to the touch “by simple operation! MAX is fun! ”
Deep-heat more battle in the “Suites System” introduced!

[Price] ▼ apps body: Free
※ There is some pay items.

[Feature] ▼ game play fun I only touch it!
▼ game is simple but profound! Rules!
▼ Chara brought to their liking is an outstanding performance!

[Game Description] ▼ stage clear if you ask annihilate the monsters!
Let Tobaso a “soldier” Manipulation ① the “princess”!
→ I’ll Kettobasu and release by pulling your finger on the princess!

Damage changes depending on where the shed ② attack!
→ large damage and hit well in weakness!

Strategy of the one-tap ③!
→ When you “tap the screen” while the soldiers are flying
I’ll invoke the various skills in accordance with the weapon!

▼ power up using a variety of weapons!
Or pooled experience in weapons, change has a new weapon
The attempt to steadily grow the character!

▼ To Bring up the character rich personality!
I’ll be able to nurture the character of all time!
※ previous work of the type of character “double” or more!

[Story] ▼ purpose of adventure was “Suites! ”
(Handsome manager of the store) and
Keri princess How can achieve the purpose! ?
And, The Adventure of Keri princess soldiers (selfish)
Do you go for?

※ Please note earnestly Keri princess poisoning.

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Princess PuntSweets Apk Princess PuntSweets Apk

  • Updated:
  • Current Version:
  • Requires Android: 2.2 and up
  • Category: Arcade & Action
  • Installs: 1,000,000 – 5,000,000
  • Size: 29M
  • Price: Free
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