4 GB RAM Memory Booster – 2017 2.0 Apk

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4 GB RAM Memory Booster – 2017 Apk

Package :com.vivekwarde.fourgbrambooster


4 GB RAM Memory Booster is a powerful RAM Cleaner that cleans highest amount of RAM that any other RAM Cleaners out there on play store.

You just need to Tap “Boost” button, our algorithm will do the rest.

Before using 4 GB RAM Memory Booster please read the FAQ’s below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Question: What is RAM ?
Answer: RAM is Random Access Memory. It is the memory available for the operating system, programs and processes to use when the computer is running. RAM requires a flow of electricity to retain data (e.g. the computer powered on).
In a more simpler way to understand, Suppose you’re learning multiplication tables. You calculate the problems on a piece of paper, and since you only have one piece of paper, you decide to use a pencil. So you work out one problem, learn the answer, and then erase your calculations to free space for the next problem. The piece of paper would be RAM, temporary use memory that apps use.

Question: What this app does ?
Answer: There are many apps acquires memory in RAM even when you are not using them, you can those app listing in Running Apps section in your phone settings. This app not only kills those background running apps but also kills background wallpaper, launcher, etc, which no other RAM in play store does. So, when you quit this app after Boost, it takes a while to load wallpaper, home screen or app listing.

Question: When I exit this app after Boost, why it takes time to load wallpaper or launcher or home screen ?
Answer: As this app also kills memory(RAM) occupied by wallpaper, launcher, home screen. So, at that time fresh memory(RAM) is allocated to them. This thing never harms your device.

Question: Why is it named < 4 GB RAM Booster ?
Answer: Because it works perfectly in 4 GB or less than 4 GB RAM android devices.

Question: I have installed this app but, When do I need to use it?
1. Use this app when your device starts hanging. You will realize that you need no longer to restart your android.
2. Use before playing game, this makes smooth game-play experience.
3. After playing games or using heavy apps, your device becomes hot, to cool it down, use it.
4. Just before you sleep at night, run this app. Much battery will be saved till morning.

Question: Why this app won’t have Auto RAM Cleaner ?
Answer: Unlike any other Auto RAM Cleaners in Google Play Store, this app does not runs in background. Background service acquires RAM consumption all the time, even when you don’t need it.

If you have any questions/problem with this app, please write in the review section below, we will surely try to respond you !

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4 GB RAM Memory Booster – 2017 Apk

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