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Authors on Acid Apk

Package :com.medl.authorsonaciddevent


Authors on Acid, AOA for short, is a game designed for friends, strangers and people who hate each other to collaborate and compete in writing in random, funny, ridiculously rude and often hilarious short stories. Players can pass or hand off the phone to each other, in pass and play mode, or play online games either privately among friends or publicly with all the bored chat roulette users.

Each player takes a turn adding a sentence but can see only the sentence written by the previous player and the title of the story, this leads to most stories making about as much sense as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political career.

Once the turns are complete the full story is revealed and players vote on their favorite sentence, but that’s not all…

Want cheats?

Want funny things to edit when you can’t think of something?

Want to screw over your friends and delete their content?
Check that ish all the way to Chek Chekovs Czechoslovakian check checking center!

This game is Cards Against Humanity meets Madlibs meets Draw me something and we reckon you are going to love it!

Did we mention it’s free? Well it is, because were basically Mother Teresa over here, just with better dress sense. Download and play from June 27th and remember to share results for the world to see but perhaps not your mother…

DISCLAIMER: Chek Chekovs Czechoslovakian check checking center may not actually be a real place. Full terms and conditions can be found tattooed on to the back of a blind Sherpa in a cave in Kathmandu. This post may contain traces of nuts.’

What’s New

**Important Update**
Push notifications are here! So you can know when to take your turn, or review the results of a game.
Fixed a UI issue with character count, now it stays on the bottom right.
Downloaded 10,000+ downloads
Type Game
Category Word
Version 1.2.8
Size 30.78 MB

Rating 3.28

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