Chess Analyze PGN Viewer 1.6.8 Apk

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Chess Analyze PGN Viewer Apk

Package :app.packs.adminpgn


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If during installing, the app starts badly, with the device horizontally; restart the app once.

This app is NOT to play Internet chess games, only to see/analyze pgn games.

You can write/save (without comments) games Chess Club, save games played with other person locally (only on device), all in pgn format. You can watch a game from a local base pgn or pgn live games of grandmasters too.

– Supports Horizontal and Vertical position !

– Load and save reduced basic pgn Chess game file. Browser game file.
– Support Large Algebraic Notation for read same online chess games formats

– READ a game of PGN Base, pgn file with multiples Chess games.
Open files of pgn base. Very Fast.
– Open pgn game files with filter search
– Copy basic pgn game to clipboard, then you can add it to a pgn base.
– Share pgn game text with pgn base.
– Or You can install (it is NOT mandatory, the save in pgn base option will Not change) for append pgn game to pgn base and more…
– Load Some PGN game created by chessbase
– Demo game of Wikipedia

– Support live pgn games. The webpage Theweeckinchess has links Live (with chrome the load is automatic) or copy and paste this links on App (Open…Url). The games will be updated

In MoveText:
– Reading and Viewing Comments between { }, edit test, not save.
– Reading and Viewing Variations, between ( ), edit test, not save.
The variations should continue after the current variation (main)
– Not support line comments, semicolon ( ; )
– support suffix notation !! ?? ! ? !? ?! read, diplay, edit test, not saved
– basic NAGs ($) are supported, read, display, edit test, not save
– not support null moves

– Moves notation (English SAN) and navigation under Chess board
– Notation with Symbols improved
– Notation with colors and bold

– Moves with own verification

– Person vs Person (write a Chess game). You can NOT play online, only on device.

– Little analysis with translucent view and scrolling up-down show/hide anlysis
– Continuous or Infinite Analysis with Arrows !

– Several versions of Stockfish
supported syzygy (tablebase)
– You can install more UCI enignes
– Supported engines with Open Exchange protocol

– Engine for beginners and
Play Engine/Person vs Engine/Person
please install the new app for it: this app is in english

Recognizes: (playing, not when loading)
– CheckMate with all player types,
the app must recognize most of the CheckMate
– Draw by threefold repetition
– Draw for fifty move rule
– Draw for insufficient material
– Draw for stalemate

– Promotion revised.

– handle app with your left hand.
– Themes. Colors and Textures
– Change most colors of the main page !!
– Guide on board, with options
– Help guide for pieces movements (for beginners).
– AutoPlay with time control.
– Large Click, with options
– Buttons for next and previous game
– Rotate board
– AutoRotate, best for two persons
– Coordinates
– Chess board frame
– You can be choosen diferents board colors.
– Resize board.
– Unbalance of pieces.
– Variations list dialog.
– Indent movetext.
– clear final move.
– Game list on devices in horizontal.
– Opening book, Polyglot. (new)

– FEN file supported
Open and save FEN file

– File explorer. reviewed
– Can create folders. Sel Dir

– Can be modify main tag-pairs.
– 23 tag pairs, new revision

– List Eco codes (Openings, Variations), with load verification.
You can open a chess Opening and playing from it.

Add Openings favorites.
Add game to favorites too.

GUI is based in Positions

In mobile phone
Main Menu with:

– button menu
– button three line
– “M” yellow in left top

Spanish (Castilian)

Apk Update

see Chess Tournament app more free
– Many improvements and
– app more free
– corrections in analysis and others

– change engines Hash free
– fix engine by default

-fixed Edit board
-Share in

-Multiline Analysis see Help
-ListGames free, with filter not all free
-improved movetext characters
-Uninstall engine free
-Launch ChessEngines >= v3.5, with moves
-squares colors, not total free

live pgn Theweeckinchess

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