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Crime City Fighting:cia raging Apk



Crime City Fighting:cia raging”Challenge the Kung Fu city. Punch in all enemies, kick out all other city fighters.
It combines sophisticated the features of Action Fighting and Role Playing Game, together have this exciting action fighting game!
Ultimate Fight delivers sweet underground arcade nostalgia to you. Challenge yourself role in this addictive, easy to use, old-school arcade FTG game.A delightful game

Simple one-touch controls
No sophisticated button combinations: all the power is in your finger!

Smooth fighting action
Perform endless combinations of moves and perfect your own best combo – you won’t be able to put it down!

“Crime City Fighting:cia raging”The coolest action game of 2016. You can experience the thrilling sensation with deadly, awesome combos!
Crime City Fighting:cia raging
– Cool special skills!
– Unique rage combo system!
– Realistic fighting sound!
– Easy sliding and touching screen bring about continuously cool striking!
– Experience fighting in a relaxing casual game!
Arcade underground king city
Superb hero
Superb attack
Senior game
underground Crime City Fighting:cia raging story:
Roger • Rivers is a role “enemy” leaders of the national intelligence agency, but roger is also the only institution that undocumented people, he put life entrusted to another end of the mastermind, enemy States CIA senior member Jerry • Frank, but also enemy his boss role. At the same time, leaders were plotting terrorist organizations avoid the most sophisticated intelligence network, to launch a global bomb attacks. In order to destroy the plans of the terrorist organization,raging Roger • Rivers will be alone broke into the underground kingdom of the dark forces.
underground City Fighting is added to the latest fighting game or a action game. You can now be the first ever action title!
Download this free game play, open your dear fighters Street Fighter road.
City Fighting Challenge free-running New: Endless mode. In addition, enjoy the new fighting style to bring all adult game’s combat level! Do not stop Do not give up!
City Fighting is a continuation of the classic street fighting style, but not tightly just a continuation, we have added a new element, because it combines a powerful strategy simple action fighting game.
During the game, raging you attack evil enemies head requires careful planning and cunning strategy. The game’s plot will gradually complex, fighting an endless stream of new enemies will delight you keep budding conquerors.
Courage in battle like a real warrior, challenge the enemy’s different kinds of challenges from around the world, day or night, in a never-ending career mode for single player and multiplayer game in hundreds of exciting in things, the story of the fight game. Main jabs, hooks, uppercuts, body punches, leg lift, hard fall, rage and devastating the big move they focus on creating a special combination punching ability ultimate combination to KO opponents. Develop your kung fu strength, speed and endurance, challenge your skills and equipment to enhance the powerful to create your own unique fighting style game to a new challenging opponents, each challenge in the limited time available , defeat them, you can enjoy raging in the streets, to see who is the best fighter on the streets here.
Raging You begin to challenge, but your enemy will not easily let you leave, you will have to face an unlimited number inexhaustible skill formidable opponent. In war, anything goes! Amazing speed and feel in your hands to fight the heat. Attack your favorite scenes and roles of all resistance forces and every challenge. Complete all sophisticated tasks and challenges to increase raging your skills!
“Crime City Fighting:cia raging”, the competition never stops!

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now has 100 stages.
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