Crocodile Simulator Attack 3D 1.1.0 Apk

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Crocodile Simulator Attack 3D Apk

Package :com.zk.wheresmywater.crocodile.sim


Crocodile Attack Simulator 2016-2017 game is full of anger and pride of the angry crocodile 17,People searches mostly crocodile water, crocodile games so get ready for enjoying crocodile attack 2017 wild sim.In crocodile simulator attack 3d play as crocodile attack mission 2017 and crocodile simulator beach hunt. Be a part of epic animal battle simulator in amazon jungle survival with wild animals simulator. alligator survival hunting against wildlife in this crocodile survival simulator.Take control of wild predators reptile swamp monster,which hunt all animals on beach attack and man’s & woman’s are scared from the bloodthirsty,sharp teeth,deadly roar and hungry eyes of the wildlife simulator alligator rampage.
This beast crocodile terrorizes all wild animal and living creatures with its deadly fight.Play as carnivorous reptile and crawl towards people and animals to attack them in this wild crocodile simulation game.So let’s Swim and Crawl! Hunt and Attack!
Brand new Hungry crocodile simulator game comes with two different modes
1-Family Mode:
In family mode enjoy the life of crocodile, play as a crocodile evolution and complete your family and bread your baby crocs child and find food for your babies and female alligator and enjoy crocodile eating,see crocodile eggs hatch the eggs of crocodile.So you complete your family make clan of crocodiles and survive with jungle animals and increase your wild crocodile simulator family.
2-Career Mode:
In Career mode you play as free style wild crocodile and hunt animal on beach and swimmer in the ocean and also hunt the wild shark in the depth of ocean.In this game mode one of your tasks is fight with Wild Lion vs crocodile or with Wild Cheetah and become the wild hunter of the jungle.

Wild Game Play:
Simple gameplay of crocodile simulator games, some time you face hungry Shark attack in the ocean and you need to save yourself from shark attack 17 and hunt other ocean fish,white shark, dolphins etc.
Some time animal hunter come in the jungle and hunts animals and some time they catch wild alligator or crocodile and transport them to city side zoo through cargo truck transporter.Controls of game were realistic and easy to understand and all animations of hunting were very good.

An angry giant crocodile swim through swamp dark water of ocean and found its way out of woodland and entering in city area.People are running and screaming to save their lives from might jaws crocodile of this predator deadliest animal hunter.Play as hungry alligator crawling to everyone.Hunt some yummy animals and humans chop some fish make them prey for the empty stomach and attack on Hungary shark as searching where is my water.Wild Alligator family attacks on boats like wonder crocodile hunting of humans and kill these dangerous animals of safari forest.

This easy task is compromised by hunters ready to shoot on sight to wild crocodile adventure which attack the people at top boat and on the beaches with their families. Complete your hunt before you get hunted yourself by the wildlife hunter! You had played goat, wolf, snake, lion, horse, humpback whales, crocodile attack 3D simulator now try your hands on controlling angry wildlife simulator of crocodile games.Crocs are deadliest hunters of animal they eats people hunts down these Crocs in this realistic hunting simulator.So be a Wild Crocodile and survive in the wilderness as long as you can and eat more food.

Ultimate Crocodile Simulator 3d features:

– Best new game of crocodile
– Action Packed And Fast Gameplay
– Explore Ocean and Beach as a crocodile water game
– Enjoying Underwater crocodile and water surface crocs attack
– Real cool crocodile movements, water physics and animations
– Beautifully 3D-HD graphics and realistic water environments
– Easy to handle joystick simulator controls to make the crocodile swim fast and attack harshly
– Hunt down wildlife animal of safari hunting, sheep, cow, horse,rabbit, chicken, pig, goat, hen etc.

Apk Update

Improve gameplay quality level
Reduce the size of game just 32MB
Improve performance issues
Add more interesting levels
One Important notice to our valuable users is first of all thanks for your feedback, our team is working on family mode because most of our users demands by email that to improve family mode so the new full of interesting family mode will be release soon and all the reviews will be considered and try to make it full of fun and something like haven world crocodile family
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Type Game
Version 1.1.0
Size 32.04 MB

Rating 3.92

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