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Dino Island: lands of danger Apk

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Surely many of us in the childhood fans of dinosaurs, these giant prehistoric pangolins, who lived for millions of years before our era. Particularly enthusiastic guys even fantasized about how great it would be if we had the opportunity to meet these huge reptiles live. To great happiness, these fantasies have remained fantasies. It’s scary to imagine what disastrous consequences would have caused the appearance of dinosaurs among people. We have a one hundred percent guarantee that this will never happen. But the heroes of this game were much less fortunate …

The action of this game begins in the car of a racing passenger train, which returns from the durango wild lands . In the beginning, you have to choose one of the passengers, which will become your game character. Do not rush with a choice, as each character has certain skills. It is better to first study the characteristics of each, so that then you can pick up a hero to your liking. You can move around freely by train and … that’s all. What is the point of the game then, you ask..

At first it seems that the most usual journey by train. Suddenly the train shakes from the strongest shock and the electricity turns off. Somehow recovering and making sure that all the people in your car are unharmed, you go to check the neighboring cars and find out there is something really terrible. In the middle of the car there is a huge dinosaur and gnaws at one of the passengers! As long as you stand, unable to move with fear, the train shakes a new push, and everything disappears

Do you think that everything that happened was just a nightmare? No matter how it is! Real horrors are yet to come. So, you come to yourself in the midst of some tropical forest. There is not a single living soul around, but it’s not difficult to understand that this is for a short while – a threatening growl in the distance does not give any doubt that someone (or something) will soon find you. After a brief wander through the jungle, you still meet a woman who explains to you what is going on. It turns out that your train accidentally landed in a portal that led you to an island in a different dimension. The animal world of this island is extremely unusual – it is inhabited by dinosaurs. This already significantly reduces your chances of survival …

After a while you meet with a group of other people who survived the disaster. Each of you understands – for survival on the island you all have to rally and work in a team. After all, the skills of each of you are useless without the skills of other people. Combat skills, the ability to defend (to protect against small dinosaurs), building, sewing, farming, gathering, creating weapons – the owners of all these skills will have to act as one. The place in which you are pleased, it is quite possible to call one of the resource isles. The main thing is to find the right application for these resources.

Since returning home is not yet possible, you have only one thing – to equip life on a wildlands. Build dwellings, study local flora and fauna, do hunting, get food – try to create for yourself suitable conditions for life. Maximize your camp and equip it with traps to protect against large carnivorous dinosaurs. And do not forget that in your power to tame small herbivorous dinosaurs, which can facilitate you agricultural work. Not all dinosaurs are your enemies, just some of them require a special approach. Provide yourself with all possible amenities – and a trip from the durango does not seem as terrible as it seemed!

Prove that you are able to adapt to life at the wild lands in the most extreme conditions! And remember that finding a common language with a dinosaur is sometimes easier than with a man!

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