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Survival Craft Apk


Survival Craft – free desolateness logic quest three in a row about ocean robinson surviver. There was an airplane crash disaster, and you are now a desolate aboriginal surviver. We need to build a raft or a float to return home. You have forest, a river, mountains and an axe. The ocean and the desolate island are your hut and camp, the goal is to survive as a robinson.

Sharks in the sea will not eat you, so try to go through this logic matching quest 3 in a row. Use craft to extract resources to build a house. A simple and addictive puzzle mechanic three in a row. There are wild animals – wolves, so feel like a hunter. Wildlife can be dangerous.

– Island survival craft
– Desolate island
– Sea and ocean
– The main character – aboriginal robinson
– Puzzle 3 in a row – logic match game
– Game about surviving
– Logic quest for kids and adults
– Simple and fascinating mechanics
– Bright design
– Interesting plot
– Several locations: forest, grove, river bank

Survival craft – solve puzzles, leave the island as quickly as possible.

Survival Craft

What’s New

Did you think we are not working on the update? And here we are!
Update 1.5:
???? New enemies – it just got real! Survival – it’s not in the sandbox, man, it’s hardcore, then you’ll have to try
???? New resources to not die – soon will be even more crafting!
???? New obstacles – just to spoil your life
???? A market full of goods helpful for your survival
???? New localizations: Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Polish
???? And yes, we continue to work, do not swear at our tardiness, please????

Survival Craft ???? Application Information:

  • Developer :Appcraft: survival craft, money clicker & cat face
  • Package:
  • Upload Date: Feb 8, 2018
  • Downloads: 100,000+ downloads
  • Type: Game
  • App Paid/Free : Free
  • Apk Version: 1.5
  • Apk Size: 35.32 MB
  • +ve Rating: 89.34%

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