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Dream City Life Apk

Package :air.com.inspiregamesnexus.dreamcitylife


Currently the game only have playable female character. Please don’t install the game if you don’t want to play as female character. Please also don’t give 1 star rating just because the game don’t have playable male character. We will release playable male character by the end of this year through a new game called Dream City Underworld.

Dream City Life is an urban survival role playing game with visual novel and life simulation gameplay. Priscilla just arrived at Dream City. Can she survive in the challenging city while trying to unravel the mystery of her father’s disappearance?

Priscilla starts with some money, no job and zero skills. Help her to survive in the city. Find her a job. Find her suitable home. With your persistence and determination, you can help her to move forward in whatever career path you chose – marketing, law, fashion or modelling. But danger lurks in every corner of the city – gangsters, drug addicts and drug dealers are more than happy to make her as victim.

Do you have what it takes to survive?

*** Please Read This ****

One of important aspect of the game is the inclusion of visual novel gameplay. You will meet several people who provide clues about your father disappearance or people that just want to take advantage of you. So there will be lots of text to read but there are several mini games (in term of solving quest or doing work) that provides a short fun interactive experience.

You’ll explore the story of a character, Priscilla Hudson in her quest to find her missing father. All of game interaction is done through buttons so there is no direct control of Priscilla to walk/interact in game world. We will release graphical version of the game, Dream City Living this year where you will be able to directly control Priscilla, walk and explore Dream City in details.

*** Latest Update ***

If you face game freezing or lag, please follow these steps:
1) Turn off Internet connection (wifi or mobile data).
2) Reboot phone/tablet.
3) Play the game once reboot is done. Don’t access Dream City Observer (newspaper) as this can cause freeze or lag due to ad system.
4) Once you’ve finished playing the game, turn on Internet connection.

We do not support Intel Atom phone/tablet for the game.

We have a free Windows version you can download from this link – https://edykajang.itch.io/dream-city-life

If you’re stuck in the game, we have game walkthrough to help you in our free apps – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inspiregamesnexus.apps&hl=en

*** Game Features ***

* 4 career paths (ad agency executive, lawyer, fashion designer or model) or 3 hidden career paths (paranormal investigator, private detective or vigilante agent)
* job promotion (starts from labour position and move to the top as CEO)
* gain skill points by performing job or attending class
* 40 locations to explore (home place, work place, eating place, shopping place, educational place, recreational place and exercise place)
* 51 quests to carry out (paranormal , spy, investigation and fight quests)
* all quests can be received in a single playthrough
* build up relationship with 30 characters
* 4 different transportation to own (scooter, small car, sedan car and luxury car)
* possible to date person and marry him
* invest in 3 different mutual fund to build wealth (take advantage of economy to buy low sell high)
* fight 7 different enemies (gangsters, hooligans, drug addicts, drug dealers, assassin, agents and gym trainer)
* economy changing from normal, booming and recession (which affect shopping price)
* crime changing from normal, clean street or underworld (which affect chance to meet enemies and night curfew)
* weather changing from normal, dry season, wet season and plague
* 10 game endings (married ending, save father ending, deport ending, accident ending, voluntary leave ending, die ending, ad agency CEO, law firm CEO, fashion firm CEO and modelling agency CEO)
* 13 random events

Apk Update

* optimization – game will run less lag + more stable for phone/tablet with less processing power
* fix blank screen after defeating the Enigma killer (version 1.20 bug)
* fix rendering glitch on some phones/tablets
* fix freeze while donating to the bum if have less than $5
* can now walk in raining but will have chance to get flu
* remove sleep at city park, replace with 2 hours nap at SFC Restaurant
* circle UI to show activities that takes times + work in progress
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