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Eternium is an amazingly fun and beautifully crafted Action RPG, reminiscent of the great classics.
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23 feb 2018
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Eternium Apk Download

Eternium is a fun and beautiful RPG action game reminiscent of the great classics.

Eternium differs from other RPG games as for its simple and intuitive controls. Just “touch the screen” to move or “slide your finger” to cast spells. It does not require payments to progress in the game and is friendly to the player.

With the exception of some exclusive features of the online version, the game can be downloaded and played completely offline.

Drawing the signs to cast spells is simple and fun. The touch screen is natural and comfortable, making the experience look even more like traditional RPGs.

It can be played totally for free and purchases are absolutely optional. The gems, which are the currency of the game, are earned by fighting enemies and solving missions, and there are no limitations for energy or stamina. Even the best items in the game are obtained by playing, not paying.

Eternium was launched in 2014 and since then it has been continuously improved. Thanks to these constant improvements and the suggestions of users today is one of the best rated games.

This year new features have been developed that will include a multiplayer mode in real time, a transport portal and a fourth world.

Enjoy high-performance, high-speed bouts with spectacular special effects, surround sound and view of screen damage; with immersive scenarios and engaging music.

Play to be Magician, Warrior or Hunting rewards; wielding a sword, an ax, a stick or a gun. Level up to learn new skills and improve your attributes.

Fight against skeletons, zombies, robots, aliens, demons, dragons and many other creatures within the three worlds or unlimited levels.

Venture inside caves and deep dungeons. Explore forests, villages and cemeteries. Siege castles filled with demons, conquer frozen summits, travel to the moon and fight strange creatures between craters and gorges; or travel even further and discover the deserts, pyramids and jungles of the red planet.

There are chests full of treasures, gems and supplies for battle. Wear a shiny bib or a menacing helmet, or shoulder pads and a mysterious robe. Protect yourself with your shield or with two weapons as a whole warrior.

Combine the skills of your teammates with yours to create effective and unbeatable combat tactics.

Live an original story full of interplanetary intrigue and funny characters. Chase Ragadam, your enemy, through the worlds while you try to discover and stop his evil plans.

Improve your equipment from common to rare, to epic or legendary. Find gems and place them in the baseboards of your armor. Make rings and amulets, or merge everything to create better objects.

Unleashes amazing powers such as Whirlwind, Explosive Wave, Electric Shock or Snow Storm. Defeat your enemies with the Glacier Star, the Vortex or the Silence Bubble. Win the battle using a Smoke Screen, Traps or Remote Shooting.

Each type of hero has 20 special abilities (between abilities and spells), to which you can add the four of each of your companions. The game can start simple but at higher levels you will need much more complex strategies.

Once you reach level 70 your experience points are accumulated for Champion levels that include constant and unlimited upgrades, and all your new heroes will start from this point making your progress much easier.

The “Combat of Value” mode includes, in addition to a story in three acts, unlimited progression with random levels.

Eternium is a game made with passion by a group of classic RPG fans who love to develop this type of games.

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Eternium Apk Download

Eternium Apk Download


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