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gforth – GNU Forth for Android Apk

Package :gnu.gforth


Gforth is the GNU’s project implementation of the programming language Forth. This APK is the binary distribution for the Android platform, for ARM and x86-processors. You can find more information and links to source code on, and more information about Android-specific features on

For optimum experience when programming, use a soft keyboard made for that task, like Hacker’s Keyboard.

Gforth is available under GPLv3.

Gforth uses GCC to compile a fast direct or indirect threaded Forth; Gforth is fully ANS-Forth and Forth-2012 compliant. Authors of Gforth are Anton Ertl, Bernd Paysan, Jens Wilke, Neal Crook, David Kühling and others.

The goal of the Gforth Project is to develop a standard model for ANSI Forth. This can be split into several subgoals:

* Gforth should conform to the ANSI/200x Forth standard.
* It should be a model, i.e. it should define all the implementation-dependent things.
* It should become standard, i.e. widely accepted and used. This goal is the most difficult one.

To achieve these goals Gforth should be

* Similar to previous models (fig-Forth, F83)
* Powerful. It should provide for all the things that are considered necessary today and even some that are not yet considered necessary.
* Efficient. It should not get the reputation of being exceptionally slow.
* Free.
* Available on many machines/easy to port.

The Gforth apk installs three icons: One is the fast engine (Gforth fast), one the debug engine (Gforth ITC), where the single step debugger works, and the backtrace is precise even on exceptions, and the third one is the net2o protocol demo app, with the “Nettie” octopus. It’s a demo now, so don’t expect it to work flawless.

What’s New

Gforth: +TO and ADDR added. struct-val.fs now supports DEFER: for deferred words in a structure. MINOS2 uses struct-val.fs as instance variables, comes with a working box&glue layout engine.

net2o starts using struct-val.fs, too.

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