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Glitch, Hacking Simulator Apk



Glitch, Hacking Simulator allows you to sign up and begin hacking immediately. Easy to understand hacking console, expanded upgrading system, and intuitive UI layout allows you to quickly get into the game. Whether it is 20 minutes to hack for upgrades, or play for 10 hours straight, you will never get bored with this hacking simulator.

Glitch is a hacking simulator where you can hack other players around the world to earn money. Use that money to play missions, upgrade your stats, and level up your system to become the best in the game. With multiple types of strategies and types of hacking the game becomes progressively more difficult to get to and stay on top!

In addition to single player you can join other players and make networks to help each other level up, share resources, and attack other networks to become the top network. Participate in tournaments, missions, and chat with other players to go beyond just hacking players to grow your mark in the hacking world.
-New updates will be released every 1-2 weeks to expand features
-This is a hacking simulator (game). We do not teach or promote real hacking
Key Features Implemented for Glitch, Hacking Simulator Game:
-Hacking console to search and find other players to hack
-Multiple types of attacks which has their own stats, power, and cool down
-Stats to increase you offense, defense, and your systems
-Easy to use in game chat system to talk with other players
-Boosters to provide short term stat increases and money boosts
-Spyware feature to upload onto your opponent to track and monitor their account
-Adware feature to upload onto your opponent to automatically steal their money hourly
-Bank to save and store hacked money for later upgrades
-Networks to allow you to join other players and play
-In game email to communicate with players
-Defense logs to see who has attacked you and allows you to hack them back quickly
-IP database to save high value IPs for future hacking
-Leaderboard to compare your rank to other players
-Detailed tutorial to help you get started quickly
-Much much more

Upcoming Features for Glitch, Hacking Simulator Game:
-Multiple tournaments to join and compete against players for prizes and rewards
-Network attacking to hack entire networks to hack resources
-Additional daily missions and rewards
-Player profiles to customize game accounts
-Statistics to compare your stats to other players as well as other aspects (daily hacking, money earned)
-Store to allow for IP change, name changes, VIP options, and game customization
-Much more

Join Glitch, Hacking Simulator and become the best today!

Apk Update

-New tournament system in missions to compete against each other for prizes
– Added 2 new hacking tools: IP reset and attack timer reset
-New stats added including VPN, Scan, Spyware, and adware
-Push notifications so you can be notified for events and player communication
-Added connect with us page in left menu screen
-Updated tutorial design, content, and brought it up to date
-Multiple bug fixes to speed up lag, fix TapJoy, and game crashing
-Multiple design changes and enhancements
Downloaded 1,000+ downloads
Type Game
Version 1.23
Size 5.72 MB

Rating 4.20

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