Go Calc for Pokémon Go 6.3.1 Apk

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Go Calc for Pokémon Go Apk

Package :scave.gotools


** Updated for all Generation 2 Pokémon! Will calculate all your Pokémon’s IVs correctly! **

Go Calc is a fan-made Android app designed for players of Niantic’s video game Pokémon Go. It is in no way affiliated or associated with Niantic or Nintendo.

With this app, you can automatically scan your Pokemon and then calculate its IVs and Evolution CP with the press of a button!

This app overlays a transparent calculator over your Pokemon so you can see its information as you type it in.

Better yet, if you’re using Android 5.0 or later, when you open the calculator while looking at a Pokemon the app will automatically scan the Pokemon and fill the calculator in for you!

Then you can further refine the results by entering the Pokemon’s information taken from the Appraisal feature.

This app contains many other features, including:

* IVs are Saved: All the IVs you calculate are saved and listed on the main page, and you can sort your calculated Pokemon just like the game

* Evolution CP: The app will tell you what CP your Pokemon will be when you evolve it

* Gamepress Link: The calculator contains a link that takes you to gamepress.gg’s guide for your Pokemon so you can quickly look up its best moveset

* IV Nicknames: If you’re the type to put your Pokemon’s IVs in their nickname, you can press the Copy button on the calculator to put a paste-able nickname in your clipboard with your Pokemon’s calculated IVs

And more features are being added!


When you open the app, first grant the permissions the app needs to scan (if you’re running Android 5.0 or later), and then press the “Display Notification” checkbox to display a notification in your notification drawer. Then while playing the game, tap on the notification to display the calculator over your Pokemon!

On the home screen, you can also choose your team so you can enter the Appraisal information for your team.

To automatically scan your Pokemon when you open the calculator, check the “Scan Pokemon” checkbox. (Note that this requires Android 5.0 or later to work)

Once you’ve opened the calculator, enter the following information (or if you’re scanning the Pokemon, this information will be entered for you):

* The name of the Pokemon
* The Pokemon’s CP
* The Pokemon’s HP
* How much Stardust it costs to power up your Pokemon

Also check the “Powered Up” checkbox if you have ever powered the Pokemon up before. You can also check the “Appraised” checkbox to enter the info from the in-game Appraisal feature.

Once you have entered that, press the “Calculate” button to get a percentage range indicating how close to perfect that Pokemon’s IVs are. 100% means perfect IVs, meaning that Pokemon has the best stats it can have!

You can then press the “Copy” button to put the IV nickname in your clipboard, or the “Details” button to see: 1) all the potential IV combinations for your Pokemon, 2) the evolution CPs, and 3) the gamepress.gg link.


IVs are hidden stats every Pokemon has that determine how powerful a Pokemon can become. A Pokemon with better IVs can grow to a higher CP when you evolve or power up that Pokemon. Because IVs are hidden, it is possible a 550 Eevee might have better IVs than a 600 Eevee, in which case the 550 Eevee would be the better Pokemon to keep, evolve, and power up!


More features will be added with time! If you want to keep on top of when new features are added, check out this app’s WordPress page or follow Spacecave Apps on Twitter!

WordPress: https://spacecaveapps.wordpress.com/gotools/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpacecaveApps


License Information

This app uses code originally from the open-source application GoIV (https://github.com/farkam135/GoIV/), licensed under the LGPL-3.0 license.

This app is in no way affiliated with nor sponsored by Gamepress.

Apk Update

[Fixed] Support for full-screen Samsung Galaxy S8 has been added!
[Fixed] Added setting to manually activate Galaxy S8 fix if it is not working automatically
[Fixed] Improved scan when out of Stardust

[Added] Move Type Icons!
[Change] The “Copy…” button now lets you choose to copy the full nickname, just the percentage, or just the move type icons
[Change] You can now use both hexadecimal and Unicode throughout the app; check the settings!
[Details] http://wp.me/p5Vfna-ex

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