Google Play 7.1.25.I-all [0] [PR] 137772785

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Google Play Store 7.1.25.I-all [0] [PR] 137772785

  • Updated: Nov 10
  • pckd :
  • Current Version: 7..1.25.I
  • Requires Android:14.33 MB

Google Play Store

Google’s official application markets, all are from here, where the applications are authentic goods, cool to follow the play away.

A modified version of the installation method: You can use root explorer to system original program deleted (system / app, name vending.apk, the 4.0.4 rom name should be Phonesky.apk), then the new version of the copy inside renamed vending.apk add execute permissions can restart, Xiao Bian is so dry, another old backup before you install the new version apk package, in case the upgrade fails.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store 7.1.15.I-all [0] [PR] 137333487

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