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Hockey Players Fight

Ice Hockey Fight 2016, is an aggressive fighter in a field of ice hockey. Fight to the end by kicking and punching unfinished expelled. Feel the action in the field without referee. Choose any of the most murderer hockey stars to win the tournament in story mode. The excitement at its best when you fight with your classic rival. The rubber disc is not necessary, nor your long cane or stick, fight melee, one on one, only with your ice skates and cuffs. Many players are in the bank ready to fight for their equipment and keep going until the end of the playoff. There are no injuries and failures will never be punished by the referee because this is a game of street fight knockout style.

+ Danny Alfred the best leader and captain, is one of the best fighters in the world hockey. Master all the martial arts since he was a child.

+ Timmy Armaggedon typical college player, his movements are smooth and barely visible.

+ Pierre Bourdeux is an old glory of the fight. is the professional hockey goalie most famous ice.

+ Brian Calgary player in New York in the United States is well known for its brutal punch.

+ Sergy Victorious began his first fight in Russia, now part of the legendary stars of Ice Hockey.

+ Patricio Rosby representative of Slovakia, its size and strength in the ring led him to be a top fighter.

+ Sunday Chasec his career as a goalkeeper in Buffalo and Detroit, makes it a great fighter, he defends well and has good reflexes.

+ James Ginleio come from Nigeria, currently active, watch your infernal attack kick.

Remember that this is just fiction. Do not try to fight in the street. Play on your mobile when you try to fight enemies.

Two professional hockey players involved in a fight, multiple combos to defeat your enemy, vital waves, martial arts, karate, kick boxing, thousands of tricks and combinations of kicks, punch, air strikes, multiple kicks, infinity punch, punches Air and many more to discover knockouts.

Three game modes, World, Flying Start and Training. Realistic scenario, the Tier encourages public and encourages you with their whistles and applause on the side of the hockey rink.

Choose your favorite team player, each character has skills, movements and different tricks, plus a different way of fighting in hockey stadium.

The gameplay Playoffs season is a tie between the best teams in the world, you have to beat your rivals, but will be eliminated from the World Cup.

The training mode will help you learn tricks and martial arts, you can see this by pressing the buttons and checking the effect of your shots.

Actual combat in this fighting game of hockey where players engage in a fight between the best players in the world of international teams and hockey leagues best known.

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