Ice Fire Wolf Lock Screen Zipper Apk 1.3 Download

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Ice Fire Wolf Lock Screen Zipper 1.3 Apk Download


Admire His Majesty, king of the forest, and worship the two greatest natural forces! Ice Fire Wolf Lock Screen Zipper is a cool pattern screen lock free and a zipper locker in one free app for all of those who want to have the protection of a real-like wolf, the creature of ice and fire. Feel the strength of a wolf with these fantastic wallpapers for screen lock enriched with beautiful fire and ice elements that will give your locked display a unique and powerful look. Ward off the enemies, protect your phone from intruders using this high security phone lock with pattern and zipper and worry no more because the great spirit of wilderness is on your side. Embellish your locked screen with fire and ice wallpapers and let Ice Fire Wolf Lock Screen Zipper give you a hand every time you need more strength!

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How to set a “zipper pattern lock screen”:

→ First open the application
→ Then check the ‘enable lock screen’ box
→ You can check the ‘enable pattern lock’ box and set the pattern you want to use if you need extra security
→ Enjoy your zipper lock screen with pattern!

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→ Choose a background image
→ Choose a pattern type
→ Choose a pendant
→ Set the zipper vertically or horizontally
→ Show or hide battery, time and date
→ Show or hide missed call and new message notifications
→ Check the preview to make sure you like your settings
→ Get this app for free

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Give your smartphone or tablet the power of a true wolf using the “best pattern lock app” you can find on the market. Extremely popular “zip screen locker” design now comes with a ice and fire wolf wallpaper for locked screen which also has a pattern lock that can come in handy if you need some extra protection. Unzip your smartphone, draw your secret pattern and unlock your phone with ease! Relax, no one else will know your one of a kind code pattern. We’ve designed a powerful “pattern lock screen with picture” of a wolf engulfed in fire and frozen in everlasting ice. Hurry up, embellish your phone with pics of this mighty animal! Download Ice Fire Wolf Lock Screen Zipper free of charge!

Let a ferocious wolf guard your mobile device! If your smartphone needs protection from anyone who wants to snoop through your gallery or sms messages, this “pattern locker app” is the thing you need to solve your problems. Our fire and ice wolf themes for lock screen are as beautiful and magnificent as any other ice screen lock theme or fire locker. Enjoy many “phone pattern lock screen themes” depicting a fiery or a frozen wolf that will give you the confidence you need to overcome any obstacle. Get your very own “lock screen wolf wallpaper” and become a member of a wolf pack now with the best Ice Fire Wolf Lock Screen Zipper! Get the free download here!

Get ready for the best awe-inspiring “ice wolf lock screen”! Let everyone see your “awesome lock screen app” but do not show them your secret pattern. Only you can unlock your smartphone because the “wolf locker” is here to protect your device as ferociously as a real wild animal. If you want to lock your phone with the best pattern screen locker theme then what are you waiting for? Try it and experience the power of a wild wolf surrounded with red fire and blue ice! This wolf theme for boys and girls will definitely keep away all unwanted looks. Come and experience one of the best apps for phone security on the app market, download Ice Fire Wolf Lock Screen Zipper and feel strong and powerful like a wolf every time you unzip your phone!

Ice Fire Wolf Lock Screen Zipper Apk Update

– Minor enhancements
– Performance improved
– Thank you for using our app, keep the feedback coming!

Ice Fire Wolf Lock Screen Zipper Apk Info

  • Developer : Thalia Photo Corner
  • Package :
  • Upload Date : Feb 23, 2018
  • Downloads : 100,000+ downloads
  • Category: Application
  • Price: Free
  • Version : 1.3
  • App Size : 8.89 MB
  • App Rating : 88.23%

Ice Fire Wolf Lock Screen Zipper 1.3 Apk

Download Ice Fire Wolf Lock Screen Zipper Apk
Download Ice Fire Wolf Lock Screen Zipper Apk

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