Journey To Survival: Zombie Shooter 2.224 Apk

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Journey To Survival: Zombie Shooter Apk

Package :com.GbAndrewGb.JourneyToSurvival


Destroy zombies on 40 different levels and get to the shelter!

Zombie infection has conquered the cities.
Go through the infected town
Run on zombie highway
Hide in the forest
Smash zombies in the village
And finally get to the shelter!

All 40 levels are different!
Play on the endless Arena with more than 10 different kinds of weapons and unlimited zombies. One of the best zombie survival games!

Simple interface, you’ll never be confused by million buttons on the screen, like in other zombie shooters.
Professional optimization, the app is very fast on every device.

Realistic zombie animations, root motion, camera effects, particle systems. Everything to make you happy with graphics.

Perfect animations and detailed textures make zombies be very realistic. Always watch your back!

Flamethrower, RPG, Bazooka, Shotgun, AK47, M4A1, UMP, Skorpion VZ, Gun, Knife and three Bats will help you to smash zombies.

Journey To Survival : Zombie Shooter is a free zombie shooter, where you need to survive and get to the shelter in this zombie shooter game by shooting undead zombies. There is not a lot of humans survived in this apocalypse world, so the main enemy of mankind is zombie infection.

You appear in the infected city, full of hungry zombies with a gun and a knife. Repulse the first zombie assault and try to escape from the city in this zombie survival. Kill zombie infection on streets, behind the cars and even on roofs of zombie town in this zombie survival hunter game or you will be killed.

Shoot walking dead zombies with powerful weapons and escape from the city.

Now you are on the infected zombie highway. Be the best zombie hunter and shoot zombie infection on road, bridges and pavements. Hide behind the cars and other road obstacles which have left from zombie apocalypse and survive. Now there is no building walls and bus stops, so keep calm and use the most dangerous weapons like RPG, bazooka of even flamethrower to survive in zombie survival shooter game,

The zombie highway is not the end of your journey to survival. The shelter is far away from you and the only thing you need to do is to kill zombie infection in this zombie survival hunter game.

The next place is infected forest. Use your zombie survival skills and be the best zombie hunter in this dark and dangerous forest. Zombie war has spread far away from cities and there are almost no safe places for zombie hunter. Watch your back, because unkilled walking dead zombies can sneak undetected and kill you.

A lot of walking dead zombies went away from cities and now they walk near the villages. Zombie war has spread even to this rural places. As zombie hunter, you can’t leave the village like this, so destroy zombie infection with shotgun, m4a1, flamethrower and other deadly weapons in this free zombie survival shooter hunter game.

Now you are close to your new home in this apocalypse world. To get to the shelter you have to destroy all unkilled zombies that walk near the house. Overcome this last zombie assault and kill every undead in one of this zombie survival shooter hunter game.
Be the best zombie shooter and destroy zombie assault in this zombie survival shooter hunter game.

This zombie shooter is optimized for every device.

Be the best zombie hunter and destroy zombie assault! Overcome zombie infection and survive the apocalypse!

And remember! Always keep an eye on your arsenal and ammo, because it is not good to realize yourself without good weapons and ammo in this zombie survival game.

Please note that zombie shooter is free, but there are rewarded ads and in-app purchases.

Download Journey To Survival : Zombie Survival – the best zombie survival game.

Apk Update

Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Downloaded 1,000+ downloads
Type Game
Version 2.224
Size 59.04 MB

Rating 4.25

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Journey To Survival: Zombie Shooter Apk

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