Katoptron (chatbot) 3.2 Apk

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Katoptron (chatbot) Apk

Package :com.ai.Katoptron




This is an Artifical Intelligence experiment in order to demonstrate learning through interaction.

This entity learns your way to respond to challenges – and after some time begins to mimic your behaviour. The entity gains “knowledge” about the world through you. It will employ its own evaluation mechanisms and return replies to you. – It will reason based on your information, but its reasoning mechanisms will be different from yours. So it will reason about the world, and learn from you slowly, but it will reflect your world darkly through the mirror of its machine mind. Its reasoning is very different from yours.

As you will ultimately lead a Socratic dialogue with your machine reflection, this is more than a chatterbot – it is a philosophic device.

[A sidenote: this is NOT yet another variation of the classic “Eliza” chatbot from the 1960s. Eliza DOES NOT LEARN. The Katoptron DOES. Check the files mentioned below to see the changes if you wish.]

It has been written in RFO-Basic – kind thanks to Paul Laughton for having created it and to Nicolas Mougin for the easy-to-use app-creator.


I tried to make it look “retro” – I aimed at 1970s/1980s Science Fiction movies… So it is a bit “command-linish”:

1. Press a volume button (soft buttons are fine) or the camera button to pop up the dialog entry field.

2. Type your text into the dialog box and press OK.

3. Wait for the response.

4. To terminate the conversation, just press “OK” in an empty dialog box without having entered any text.

Used files:

In the folder “Katoptron” in your sdcard-directory, you will find a sub-folder “data” – it contains “svmemory.txt”, which contains the saved memory of what the device has learned from you, as well as “chatlog.txt”, which contains your conversation so far. – To reset the Katoptron, simply empty each file with a text editor of your choice.

Both files are exclusively used for internal operation of the program and are NOT used to transmit any data whatsoever about you.

Privacy Policy:

This app is not involved in the transmission of any data to or from your device. It does not collect or operate on any data except (a) such data which is internal to it as well as (b) such data that it learns from you during its interaction with you.

Exclusion of Liability:

To the extent permitted by law, I exclude all liability for any claim, liability, harm or damage, whether direct or indirect, and however caused by the use of this program. Usage is provided “as is” – use at your own risk.

– Nino

What’s New

UPDATE: Normalisation of the strings: should lead to better response selection.

Giving more context, up to 240 chars, lets it respond better.

Kindly read the description on how to use it. This is *NOT* a “virtual girlfriend”, “cute pet” or any other shallow nonsense. If you look for thelike, this app is not for you.

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