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King of Rebirth: Undead Age Apk

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Rise from the ashes of battle, necrophage, and lead your army to reclaim, what is rightfully yours. In your previous life, your empire was crushed. Now claim back your crown and take back your rightful place as lord of the undead. Revenge shall be yours! Build an evil campaign and unleash your undead horde onto the hive of mortals. Keep marching forward to spread your foul corruption, destroy everything around you and wreak havoc.

King of Rebirth is a strategic warfare game pitting international combatants against each other on one big world server. Form unholy alliances and slay enemies from all nations of earth! Build up your city and grow your empire as you take on increasingly powerful foes on the global battle stage. Death never sleeps, and neither does war! Are you the true ruler of this cursed existence?
Eliminate your rivals and expand your dark influence… until the very world is at your feet!

★One World Server, One Big Rumble★
A global server putting you in contact and combat with players from around the world. Stay connected with everyone, everywhere, anytime. Risks and rewards explode with possibility – are you ready to fight?
★Undead Hordes Fighting Undead Warfare★
As leader of the undead you wield an abomination of an army, destroying everything in your path and subverting mortal will to the corruption of the Undead. Raze enemy cities as your paths clash on the road to victory.
★Build Forces and Take Control★
Who knows which form the next attack will take? Build up your defenses and upgrade your city while adjusting your strategy and shuffling your resources. It’s like chess, but you don’t just use brains – you eat ‘em too!
★Real-time Strategy in PvP Multiplayer Clash Mode★
Raid other players in this F2P RTS. Other Lords of the Undead challenge your sovereignty! Fortify your city forces and let your spark of doom, spread into a wildfire of darkness and destruction, as you bring players from around the globe under your control!

★Form Alliances and Strategize in Real-Time★
With rich content guiding you through a variety of different strategic paths to victory. Form alliances with like-minded combatants and add an extra dimension of command to your military prowess. Teleport to your allies and gather any resource you can. Coordinate and strengthen each other’s empire as you carve out your place in this world!
Are you ready to create your own undead legacy? Command your undead legion to infernal victory in this epic multiplayer strategy war game!
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What’s New

Patch notes(1.0.49):

· Added Flying Skulls in the city. Collect them to quicken building upgrades or get items

· Fixed the bug where you could see who is offline in other Alliances

· Fixed misc. mail display errors

· You can now check equipment stats by tapping its name

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Type Game
Category Strategy
Version 1.0.49
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Rating 4.10

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