LOLSUMO – Builds for League 2.4.19 Apk

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LOLSUMO – Builds for League Apk

Package :com.dojomadness.lolsumo


I’m LOLSUMO. I calculate the best item build for your current League of Legends match based on the current meta and tons of data. I will also share tips on improving your play in LOL, my insights about your opponents and the best way to counter them. After your match, I will support you with statistics and insights on your play!

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I am the next generation companion app for League of Legends. My goal is to help you become better at LOL! Community feedback is highly welcome and influences which new features my developers will build next.

I will tell you the best item build for each new LOL match you play, calculated from over 4 billion game events. After your match, I will provide you with insights and statistics on how well you did, e.g. CS, wards, or KDA. I’ll even provide you with performance cards so you can shove those great stats in your friends’ faces until they understand how awesome you really are!

Join thousands of other players in our epic quest to master League of Legends! Regardless of whether you are just a beginner, want to get better at LOL, escape ELO hell or want to train towards becoming involved in eSports – I’ve got your back no matter if you’re Annie, Twitch, Garen or any other of the champions on Summoner’s Rift!

LOLSUMO’s Features:

– Automatically calculated item builds for League of Legends tailor-made for every new match and always up to date with the current item and lane meta.
– Special hints for all champions and skill badges. That guy may be in Gold league, but how good is he really in lane? Know the true skill of your opponent!
– Strengths and weaknesses of your lane and match opponents.
– Automatic lane detection top-mid-bottom-jungle and lane swap feature
– Regular updates with all the changes to League of Legends and item stats.
– Track your performance and you know how well you really did, regardless of victory or defeat.
– Stay informed with Performance Cards – personal post-game statistics and information
– See your personal best performances with Superlatives
– LOLSUMO supports all 5on5 modes against human opponents, including ranked, soloqueue, duoqueue, team builder and ARAM
– Currently available in these regions: EUW, EUNE, NA, BR, RU, TR, LAS, LAN, OC, KR and JP


There are four different LOLSUMO Subscriptions: 1 month subscription, 1 year subscription, 1 year “Founder” subscription and a 30 day trial which converts into a regular 1 year subscription.

1 months cost $7.99
12 months cost $35.99
12 months “Founder” cost $17.99

Should you choose to subscribe to LOLSUMO Pro, the purchase will be charged to your Google account. The subscription will be auto-renewed 24 hours prior to it running out and you can manage it from your Play Store settings after purchasing it, and you’ll also be able to cancel the auto-renewing subscription from there.

For more legal information please check out Terms and Conditions / Payment Policy / Privacy Policy

Benefits of the LOLSUMO Pro subscriptions:

– Grants access to time frame based “Match Analysis”
– Grants access to our “Lane Pressure Map”
– Grants access to the full SPI (Sumo Performance Index) functionality, which means a performance trend evaluation for all 4 lanes in the game, early / mid / late game and on a champion level
– Removes all ads (in-house ads excluded)

Apk Update

Thanks for using LOLSUMO! We regularly release updates to the App Store. Get the newest features and bug fixes by updating to the latest version.

Good luck in the Rift!

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LOLSUMO – Builds for League Apk

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