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Looking for mahjong training or practice, tips or tricks? Need Mahjong secrets to be explained or revealed? This is the recommended way to train your mahjong basic skills, techniques and master the rules.

Mahjong Tricks is an addictive and free puzzle game based on the popular Mahjong game rules. It gets challenging when you get to hard and expert levels. In this game, your mission will be finding out the right tiles you needed to win. The next mission will be choosing the right tile to discard to increase chances of winning.

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Normally, mahjong starts with 13 tiles for each player. Each player needs to form 4 groups and 1 pair by drawing one more tile. In this game, you have to figure out the tiles you needed to form 1 group and 1 pair in level Easy. While in level Expert, you need to form 4 groups and 1 pair.

Considering your hand is 2333, in order to win, you have to draw one tile to form 1 group and 1 pair.
– If drawing 1, you can form 123(a group) and 33(a pair)
– If drawing 4, you can form 234(a group) and 33(a pair)
– If drawing 2, you can form 22(a pair) and 333(a group)
Therefore, the tile you needed to win is 1, 2 or 4, any one tile will win. These tiles you needed are called waits. If you have multiple waits, not just one wait, your chances of winning increase.

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I spent months in making this app. It is a great free app to train your thinking and improve your mahjong skills. Why not have a try!

In case you want to try out the hardest puzzles in this mahjong game, find the version label and tap it for seven times, then you can play that directly!

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