Mods for Minecraft PE 1.0 Apk

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Mods for Minecraft PE Apk

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To everyone who was looking for mod minecraft and especially mod for mcpe – here is a 15 of them selected by us, all this is minecraft mods for pe and suitable for any version of PE 0.12.x and more. Every minecraft mods pe not just decorate the game with the new items, but also help you in survival mode. We have compiled the most popular mcpe mods, so download these minecraft mods free if you need a versions of mods for mcpe 0.12.0, 0.13.0 and 0.14.0, and also 0.15.0, 0.16.0 and Each mcpe mod here has been tested for viruses and we select only those minecraft mods that actually work.

We will remind you that many mods in minecraft pe work only through BlockLauncherPRO. Sometimes there is mods for minecraft pe that work with Toolbox Box1.1.1 or earlier versions in the Blocklauncher. All this you can easily find in google and download for free.
If some of this mods mcpe not work for you, do not panic, almost all the players are facing it, you should again look for the instruction “How to install minecraft mods mcpe ” – try it with any mod for minecraft pe free and everything should work! Inside the application, you will also see what is included in all mods for minecraft pe inside our app, and, in cases where it is important, which version it is.

Not enough items mod for minecraft pe – for those who are looking for items mod. With this mod many items you can add any item by its ID and also it changes the game mode and times of the day on the fly!
Furniture mod for minecraft pe – for those who was looking for mods for minecraft pe furniture for his home. This is a simple and spectacular minecraft furniture mod for pe adds furniture to your game.
Mod Pocket Force Field Systems – this adds something new for building mods for minecraft pe and creates a beautiful protective field around your buildings !
Mini map mod for pe? We give you the opportunity to download this mini map for minecraft pe 😉
Weapon mod DesnoGuns – to anyone who was waiting for weapon mods for minecraft pe – this one contains more than 40 types of weapons, ranging from rifles to the sniper rifle, +10 types of armor!
Mod Advance Morphing who dreamed of mob mods for minecraft pe mixed with morph mod for minecraft pe? You can now fly around the world inside the flying mouse or run around the lawn in any mod shape. This funny morph mod for mcpe can turn you into anyone.
Minecraft villager trading mod – Need some minecraft trading mod? So take this villager trade mod minecraft pe and your minecraft market will flow like a river.
Power tools mod for minecraft pe – try this minecraft tools mod and use better tools such as a drill or a jackhammer.
Portal gun mod for mcpe – everyone who was looking for a mcpe portal gun mod , definitely will not be disappointes by this portal gun mod for minecraft pe.
Advance vehicle mod for minecraft pe – this one for people who want car mod for minecraft pe or better to say vehicle mods for mcpe, since it is also contains helicopters, airplanes and even UFOs with bulldozers.
Middle-earth Mod – awesome fantasy mod for minecraft with mobs, weapons, objects, armor, food and tools!
Pocket Creatures Mod – if you look for some animals mods for minecraft pe don’t miss this awesome animals mod for mcpe. 53 new species here!
Factorization mod mcpe – This is a brilliant mech mod for mcpe with super machinery.
Mod PocketPower v2.0 – redstone mod for minecraft pe. Though there is already a redstone in 0.13.0 version, but here you will get red dust and it allows you to transfer energy from a distance and create mechanisms!
Minecraft Golem World Mod – Who asked for golem mods for minecraft pe? Now you get 13 new fantastic species with this golem mod for mcpe!

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