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My Royal Guardian(Voltage Max) Apk

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◇◇ You can enjoy the prologue and first chapter of each character’s route for free!◇◇
◇◇ “My Royal Guardian” is a story based on Egyptian mythology! You are the sole hope that can save the world from ending?!◇◇
◇◇You are the heroine! You take on the role of the heroine and experience a romantic drama with the Egyptian gods who protect you!◇◇

You lived an ordinary life.
One day, a black hole suddenly sunders the sky open and was followed by mass earthquakes that drove the Earth to ruin.
The gods from Egyptian mythology appear in front of you just as you are cornered by mysterious monsters.
The gods tell you that you must stop the King of the Underworld, Anubis, if you want to save the world.
Which god will you choose to help you defeat Anubis?!

◆【Egocentric and Older Brother Type; Sun God】Ra
Height: 178cm Age: 19
“I will definitely protect you.”
He has a strong leaning towards being the self-sacrificing type and puts his all into protecting you. Thoth usually protects him, but he is incredibly powerful in battle himself. Being the sun god makes him weak at night. He can’t bring out his true power during the night.

◆【Gentlemanly and Two-sided Personality Type; God of Birth】Osiris
Height: 180cm Age: 22
“I will protect you with my whole body and soul.”
His personality is exceedingly calm causing him to take on the role of mediator.
He usually speaks formally, but is coarse when he can’t control his emotions.
He protects you, but never says much about himself.

◆【Cheerful Type; God of the Sky】Horus
Height: 170cm Age: 17
“Ehehe, were you worried about me? That makes me happy.”
He has a cheerful and optimistic personality; although he sometimes becomes hot-headed.
He has a gentle personality and loves animals, but the moment he gets angry he will burn away any enemy with his orange flames.
He puts his life on the line to protect you, but…

◆【A Cool and Mysterious Human?】Krona Morisaki
Height: 172cm Age: 16
“Am I sad? How can I be sad?”
He is very calm and doesn’t show his emotions.
He is exceedingly knowledgeable about the gods in Egyptian mythology and looks down on human existence for some reason.
He is a boy enshrouded in mystery that coincidentally met you in the ruined world.
Who is he really…?

You can choose various characters based on your preferences!
…Who will you fall in love with?

■■ Recommended if you… ■■
“My Royal Guardian” is recommended for you if…
・You like movies, dramas, manga, anime, or novels that are about romance
・You’re interested in romance games but dislike how nerd-centric they can be…
・You like romance games, love games, girl games, or romance/drama apps.
・You like entertainment and fiction.
・You like Japanese content
・You like Egypt Myth
Aside from what’s on this list, there is a lot of content for all women to enjoy!!

■■ About GENIUS, developers of this app ■■
GENIUS is a company that designs, develops, and sells “App Dramas”, story-based content that can be casually enjoyed on smartphones. Their mission is to produce App Dramas in various different genres and turn this new form of entertainment into another form of art in line with manga and anime.
We will continue to distribute high quality content in English, and hope that you’ll look forward to it.

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