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Mythical Hero Slot Machine Apk

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Mythical Hero Slot Machine proves that a true hero isn’t measured by how strong he is but by the size of his heart. Hercules shows he’s everyone’s champion by fighting for GIGANTIC JACKPOTS in this entertaining Free Slots. Get addicted to the GLORIOUS PAYOUTS and help Hercules earn his way into the heavens!

★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★

► Be brave with the Double Down option for your winnings to snag SENSATIONAL payouts!
► Herculean Wild Symbols replace ANY Symbol & substantial Bonus Coins appear every 4 hours!
► Bonus punches up a robust mini-game randomly chosen from a great selection of fun games!
► Boost Winnings Multiplier gets your heart pumping & Scatter yields you solid Free Spins!
► Pick up to 20 heroic bet lines in this muscular 5 Reels Slot Machine for HEAVY-DUTY wins!
► Lucky Wheel Prizes gives you a Free Prize every 4 hours & Auto Spin makes gameplay easy!
► The powerful Level Up System gets you exceptional Free Coins, Extra Lines, & Higher Max Bets!
► Delight in the hearty HD Graphics & HD Sound & play in your own language with the Multilingual UI!

Hercules couldn’t visit his father—the Greek god, Zeus—on Mount Olympus because Hercules was a mortal. Zeus’s wife, Hera, tricked Hercules into the Slots Machine by promising him immortality. Hercules must complete 12 Labors endlessly in the Free Slots. First, Hercules kills the Nemean Lion and uses its fur to create immense fortunes in the Casino Slots. Second, Hercules kills the Lernaean Hydra and uses its heads to make endless gold coins for the Slot Machine. Third, Hercules traps the Wild Boar of Erymanthus and fills the Free Slots with legendary good luck. Fourth, Hercules captures the Stag of Artemis with its enchanted gold antlers. This supplies the Casino Slots with unprecedented treasures to win. Fifth, Hercules harnesses the Stymphalian Birds to drop a multitude of sevens and Free Spins from the Free Slots sky. For the sixth and seventh Labors of the Casino Slots, Hercules cleans out the Augean stable and captures the Cretan Bull. The animals gratefully help Hercules find diamonds and gems in the pastures of the Free Slots. For the eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh Labors, Hercules collects the golden girdle of an Amazon queen, the Cattle of Geryon, the Mares of King Diomedes, and the Golden Apples of Hesperides. These items magically transform into jackpots of beautiful cash in the Casino Slots. The final Labor is the Capture of Cerebus. Hercules uses all his skills as a Greek warrior and gladiator to tame the three-headed dog. Thanks to Hercules, this Free Slots is resplendent with the kind of treasures players dream of winning. Taste immortality and play Mythical Hero Slot Machine.

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