Narutimate: Ninja Storm 1.0.2 Apk

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Narutimate: Ninja Storm Apk

Package :com.narutoHeros.ninjaFightStorm


This game allows players to fight in three-dimensional environments, as opposed to the two-dimensional planes in previous games.

One of the new features introduced to the series in Ninja Storm is “Awakening Mode”, a transformation that can be activated when a player loses a certain amount of health during a match. The health requirement for each character differs based on how powerful the transformation is. Once activated, the character gains new abilities, speed, and stronger attacks.

A few of the characters in the game gain entirely new movesets after transforming. With the d-pad, players can use preset items during a match that either damage the opponent or provide various status effects like increasing attack power, or lowering the opponent’s defense. Players are also able to customize their character’s jutsu and select two support characters to use in a match.

The game includes 25 playable characters, each of which can also be used as a support character during battle. Ten additional support-only characters are available as free downloadable content released over the five-month period that followed the game’s release. Additional downloadable content include alternative costumes, and new missions.

Players are also able to customise their character’s jutsu and select two support characters to use in a match. Returning to the game from previous instalments is “jutsu clash” mode, which is initiated if both players activate their special attack at the same time. During this mode, both players have to press the corresponding button as fast as possible in order to knock away their opponent.

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