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Neural Sandbox Beta Apk

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Whether it’s predicting the stock market, driving a car, or beating the best Go player in the world, there’s no doubt that neural networks are the hot new topic in AI. Their inspiration comes from the human brain, and they have the remarkable ability to learn how to overcome even the most traditionally complex tasks for a computer on their own.

Perhaps their greatest drawback is how difficult they can be to set up or play around with for yourself. The Neural Sandbox is here to change this! Enter a small cellular world where you play god, and can create and customize neural net controlled creatures for yourself. Train neural nets as you see fit just by hitting a button, no programming required! From there you can test it out in the cell world, and even control a cell in the world yourself.

This game is in beta, so there are still many features to be added. If you have any ideas or suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Email us at [email protected]

More information about neural nets and how they work in this game:

A neural net is a mathematical model inspired by the biological brain. Each one is essentially a web of interconnected neurons, which take in input, modify it and then send out an output to the next neuron. In a large neural net, this can lead to some pretty complex decision making! The neural net cells in this game take in inputs as information such as position and velocity from nearby cells and output a direction for themselves to move. In the training window, thousands of rounds of the game are simulated so that the neural net can “practice” and learn how to play the game based on your specifications for its personality.

What’s New

Patch 1.2 Changes:
-Added an experimental new mobility slider
-Added parentheses around whichever type of cell you have selected
-In game world now expands to fit your screen size
-Tons of other small UI improvements
-Minor tweaks to overall cell stats such as reproduction rate

Come discuss this patch and what you’d like to see in future ones over at our subreddit

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