One Night Ultimate Werewolf 4.0 Apk

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One Night Ultimate Werewolf Apk

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The One Night app is designed to be used with the One Night Ultimate Werewolf, One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak, and One Night Ultimate Vampire party games published by Bezier Games. You will need at least one of these games in order to take advantage of this app.

This app automates the night time narration based on the roles in your game, and provides a timer that can be used for the day phase of the game.

Version 3.0 contains the following new features:

Now supports One Night Ultimate Vampire (and “Bonus Pack 2”) roles.

New background sounds: Spaghetti, Horror, Rock, Disco, Pop, Tense.

Verbose Doppelganger – On by default. It may be turned on and off on the “Other” settings screen. This makes the Doppelganger much more accessible to new players by listing the roles that need to do their night action right away when the Doppelganger views them.

Pause button – This button now appears at the bottom of the screen during both the nighttime narration and the game timer. Background noise continues to play while in “pause” mode, and a “resume” button takes the place of the “pause” button while the narration/timer is paused.

Expert mode – stripping out all the instructions except wake up and close your eyes (and a few others as needed), this makes nighttime fly by.

All Roles Available and number of roles selected indicator – All the roles in the game are now shown, whether those roles wake up at night or not. All non-waking roles are placed at the bottom of the list. Inside the Play button is a number: this is the number of selected roles (usually you’ll want to use 3 more than the number of players). Roles that have duplicates now have duplicate buttons: there are 2 werewolves, 2 masons, and 3 villagers.

Quick Game Timer access – Press and hold the Game Timer button to quickly access the Game Timer settings screen. Doing this automatically turns on the Game Timer (if it had been off, or leaves it on if it was on).
Main screen package selection – All five packages are listed across the top of the screen, allowing you to show and hide roles on a per-package basis. When multiple packages are selected, the roles are sorted in order by nighttime waking order, with non-waking roles at the bottom of the list.

Scrolling list of roles – when there are too many roles to fit on the screen, they scroll off of the bottom (or top when you scroll down). You can select or deselect partially-hidden roles.

Double Role Timer for Complex Roles – Some role actions take longer than others, especially some of the new roles in Vampire. With the new 2X Complex Roles option activated in Role Timer Settings, the first Doppelganger, Cupid, Priest, Marksman, Squire, and Beholder get double the amount of time (based on the Role Timer length). Village Idiot always gets 5 extra seconds, regardless of the role timer (unless the Role timer is off, in which case he gets no time at all). This option is on by default.

Apk Update

Version 4.0 now supports One Night Ultimate Alien as well as all other One Night games.
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One Night Ultimate Werewolf Apk

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