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Create stunning ASCII text art from any picture, image or photograph. Use your phone or tablet camera to capture new photos (ASCII-selfie?) or select an existing picture from your image gallery and convert it to ASCII art.

Find a cool picture while browsing the net? No problem, just long press on the picture and select “share image” from the pop-up menu and then select Photo Text from the list to convert it to ASCII art.

This program creates a shaded mosaic representation of the photograph or picture you selected, where the image pixels are represented by different letters, numbers and other text characters. Before converting the photograph into text, you have the option to crop and select any smaller region of the picture to use.

With a single press of a button this app creates elaborate ASCII character text art from the photograph or picture you selected and displays it on the screen. You can then experiment with various options, including font size as well as the desired number of characters used in the generated ASCII art before saving the results. You can also specify the background as well as text colour used and whether you want the image to be a negative (light text on dark background).

The generated ASCII text art can be exported to social media, shared as email or saved on your device different formats:

1. Render to a png image file.
2. Save or share the ASCII art text as simple text.
3. Save or share the ASCII art as an HTML document.
4. Copy the text to your device’s clipboard and paste directly into any other app, such as email, text document etc.

If you saved as text or copied to clipboard, remember that the text must be set to a mono-spaced font (each character is the same width) to correctly view the ASCII art.

What’s New

– bugfix to out of memory crash when trying to create a (too) large color ascii art
– Select and combine different character sets
– UI improvements
– fixes to most common crash reasons
– internal optimisations and bug fixes for stability
– saving image on device now becomes immediately visible in android photo gallery
– fixed two-icons bug
– fixed background colour misbehaviour
– improved handling of large source images, should result in fewer out or memory errors
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Version 1.3.1
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Photo Text ASCII Art 1.3.1
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