PicoSweet: Kawaii deco with a few taps.PhotoEditor 3.72.222 Apk

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PicoSweet: Kawaii deco with a few taps.PhotoEditor Apk

Package :net.andg.picosweet


Easy deco with a few taps.
923 deco templates and 5242 stickers are prepared.
Let’s decorate selfie, friends, family, landscape, cooking photos!

*Popular iPhone applications
I have ranked first in category ranking in Apple AppStore,
It is a popular iPhone application with over 5 million DL!

Tap the template button and look for templates you like.
The decoration image is finished in no time.

We prepared 923 kinds of arrangeable deco templates.

Please try looking for templates by all means.
You can use the template as it is.
After decorating with a template, you can also edit it.
You will find a hint.

There are 3530 free stickers and 1712 paid stickers, totaling 5242 pieces.

Staff’s favorite is a professional wrestler mask and a cactus sticker.

There is a paid stickers of about $ 1.1 to 3.3 dollars, so please do buy it.
“Swankiss” stickers are the most popular.
You surely find your favorite sticker.

There are paid stickers that you can try by watching advertisements, so please try it.

Advertisements are displayed above and below free stickers.
Please tap when you find an advertisement you care about.

*Fx (Effect)
“Lightleak” and “Lightleak 2” becomes a fantastic atmosphere where light is blurred.
“Sweet” and “Candypop” improve your complexion.
“Grayscale” will make old-fashioned black-and-white photos.
We prepared a lot of other effects as well.
You can adjust the strength of the effect in the range 0 to 100.

You will receive a fresh impression when you look at the face of a friend with a mirror.
Which is pretty looking, either the original photo or the image flipped horizontally?
Let’s enjoy flip pictures with friends.

When set to 0, it is transparent, 50 is translucent, 100 is opaque.
If the stickers are too conspicuous, let’s make the stickers translucent.

Attaching a lot of stickers may cause stickers to be moved by mistake.
Once you have determined the position of the sticker, let’s “Lock”.
The sticker will not move even if it tries to move.
You can move again by tapping the “lock” button again.

If you make the photo a little smaller, you can create a margin around the editing screen.
The color of this margin is the background color.
The pastel-like background color fits any photo.

You can add a camera photo or album photo and collage it.
Let’s collect pictures of friends and family and make it a single image.

Using the deco sharing function, you can share the deco template you made.

Your deco template will be the URL.
Let’s send that URL to your friends.
When a friend accesses the URL, the application starts.
When your friend selects a photo, the photo will be decorated with your template.

※We may use the templates registered in the deco-share in the application.

*Development story
I asked Mr. K, an application developer, the beginning of development.

One day, Mr. K’s wife seemed to have done something with the iPhone for three hours.
He asked what she was doing.
“I am looking for a Heart sticker”

It was like this.
Her friend ‘s facebook photo had a Heart sticker.
She liked that Heart sticker.
And she was down loading the photo processing app from one end and looking for the Heart sticker.

Although he was slightly amazed, he understood the feeling he likes about Heart stickers.
And in order to save her time, he prepared a lot of Heart stickers and made My Heart Camera.

Based on this My Heart Camera, adding a deco sharing function that anyone can easily decorate, he developed PicoSweet.

Thank you for reading so far.
Please install PicoSweet!

Apk Update

Processing was improved.
Downloaded 1,000,000+ downloads
Type Application
Version 3.72.222
Size 10.89 MB

Rating 3.99

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PicoSweet: Kawaii deco with a few taps.PhotoEditor Apk

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