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● APPCAMP LT – Best Game Award.
● BZNSTART 2014 – Most Internet Votes for an Upcoming Game.

Defuse bombs and avoid explosions – seems simple, right? Well, only few manage to rise to the Top Ranks in this unique survival puzzle. Each bomb has 10 turns before it goes off, and if the blast hits another one – it explodes too! So plan your moves carefully and don't get in the way of chain reactions.

All you have to remember is that Black Bombs (Pobombs) blow up in 3×3 grids and Green Bombs (Limonkas) cover two crossing lines.

So… can you score 1000 points and win the game?
It's harder than you think.

Easy to learn, and fun to master, Pyromind is a highly addictive puzzle game that has been described by some players as one of the ost orginal puzzle games they have played in years. In its heart Pyromind is a completely unique experience which is sure to blast you away (pun intended)!
Feature of the game include:
● 3 Game Modes;
● Classic Mode for those willing to take their time and plan carefully;
● Time Trial Mode to do our best in one minute;
● One Device Multiplayer Mode to compete with your friend;
● Challenging and Addictive Gameplay;
● 3 Different Types of Bombs to defuse;
● 8 Different Ranks;
● Fast and Fun Sessions with Strategic and Tactical Depth;
● Over 15 Achievements;
● Global and Social Leaderboards;
● A Possibility to Share your Results and Screenshots;
● Quick and Interactive Tutorial;
● Works on all the Tested Android Devices, New and Old!

So what are you waiting for? Try our game and prepare yourself for tons of explosive fun!
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What’s New


– Skins and skin shop introduced. Win or pay gems to acquire a skin that suits your taste the best: Fire Mind, Harley, Joker Mind and much more!

– Brand new ranking system. The game is now divided into stages, gradually introducing a gameplay feature!

– New visuals. New animations and smoother effects!

– Multiple bug fixes. The game is more optimized, runs smoother and has less bugs!

– Numerous new features. No Ads purchase. Reset the game feature. Gem Gathering, and more!

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Version 1.0.430
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