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Rehydration – drink water daily Apk



ReHydration, name itself says to hydrate repeatedly. ReHydration is a water drink tracker and reminder app to create the water drink habit.It Sends daily reminders and alerts to motivates you to drink water and keeps a log of your daily water intake.

Here we set water intake target using standard algorithm of water intake bases on your body weight, age and lifestyle. Revs up metabolism and helps you feel full.

Why ReHydration :

Easy Google+ or Facebook login.
Beautifully Designed
Attractive Home Screen / UI
Appropriate Animation
On time Notification
No Internet Required for Intake process
Set your own Notification frequency
Standard Water Container
Add your own water glass for daily water intake
Available Standard Unit choices
Show Intake history with Amazing Graph view
Track your historical consumption during the day, week and month
Not Disturb you while sleeping
Share your Daily intake with your friends
App that don’t share your basic data with other fitness app.

Benefit of Daily Water Intake :

R : Repeatedly Hydrate
E : Energise yourself
H : Health Priority First
Y : Young Every time
D : Dehydration at its Bottom
R : Recuperation at its Top
A : Antidote that Protects you
T : Treatment for Every Disease
I : Immunity Level at its Best
O : Oxidation meets Hydration
N : No-Side Effects 🙂

There are lots of Benefits of drinking water : weight control , nourish your skin, hair strength, organs function, energy level and many others.

Helps you to have a good water balance on your body using notification and a tracker of how much you should drink water. Along with fibre, water is essential for good digestion. The rate of painful kidney stones is rising because people including children aren’t drinking enough water.

Drink Water, Stay Slim, Stay Feet.

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