Saiyan Attack Ultimate Butoden 1.3 Apk

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Saiyan Attack Ultimate Butoden Apk

Package :com.saiyanFighting.ultimateButoden


This game is a fighting video game based Xenoverse Fusion.

The ki cannot be charged and fills gradually during battle. Supers or Ultimates can be done by touching the touch screen or inputting commands by the control pad. Ultimates have a mini-game which decides whether the user lose or win. There are no in-game transformations, but a wide range of characters.

The game itself moves at a fairly blistering pace. Characters dash toward and away from each other like no other game you have played, jumps have a nice weight to them, and things go flying by in the background — it is actually one of the most impressive visual experiences on the old in many ways. Special attacks can be surprisingly cinematic on the downsized screens. #16’s piledriver in particular does a little bit of bullet-time awesomeness, while Gogeta’s kicks bounce the opponent every which way.

The destroyed-Namek stage in particular really shows off the game’s chops. Chunks of the ground are flying up into the air both in front of and behind your characters and lava rains down from above. As you dash around, speed lines appear behind your character. The lifebars are on fire. The camera zooms in as you close in on your opponent, tilting clockwise a little bit as you fly closer. All the while, there is not a hint of slowdown or performance hiccups.

Though the controls can be changed, without button configuration, they are:
– Light Combo:
– Heavy Combo:
– Parry (Guard):
– Grab and Throw:
– Energy Blast:
– Power Consumption (Handling Energy):
– Movement by the D-pad:
– Supers: E.g. Goku’s Kamehameha (Left, Right, Heavy)
– Ultimates have larger combinations

[Game Modes]

– Story Mode
King Kai vs. Broly
The game features a Story Mode that extends the whole Xenoverse Fusion series from the start of the Saiyan Saga to the end of the Kid Buu Saga.

– Challenge Mode
This mode contains diverse scenarios with a specific chore to do to win every scenario.

– Versus Mode
It also features a Vs. CPU Mode and a Multiplayer mode where Systems must be connected together to play, choosing the player’s favorite characters.

– Training
As it name says, this mode allows players to practice their skills.

– Customize
Here players can add or remove costumes for their characters

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