Santa Secret Stealth Mission 2 1.0 Apk

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Santa Secret Stealth Mission 2 Apk



Santa Secret Stealth Mission 2

Enjoy the best stealth action & gun shooting in this free jail escape game!

You are the Santa Claus every kid loves, you are every kid’s hero. You bring them presents & happiness but there are people, villains who do not want you to be the hero you are. To stop you from performing your duty as a santa the kid’s super hero villains have captured you & put you in a jail. To be the super hero again you need to plan a jail break & escape from the prison. Break out of the jail, survive the prison, fight the villains & get your freedom again in this action filled thrilling prison escape stealth game. With a big 3d prison environment & a lot of action filled thrilling mission this game will keep you busy for hours. Every mission in this game has its own objectives & tasks that you’ll have to complete using stealthy moves. This is going to be your ultimate fluchtplan, escape plan!

You have always performed your duty of delivering toys & gifts to kids & children as a Santa Claus which made you their hero but this year the villains had a plan to stop you. Villains have managed to capture you & imprison you in order to stop your form delivering the toys to kids & ruining your image as a hero. What you need to do now is to devise an escape plan and break out of the jail to once again be the superhero you actually are. But you will have to survive the prison first. You’ll have to use your survival, combat, shooting & fighting skills to successfully survive & break out of the jail. You need to escape the jail at all costs & put an end to evil games of villains once & for all. You already have all the skills required to survive & successfully break out of the prison. You know how to use stealth moves, melee weapons & various modern weapons & guns. You are trained in hand to hand combat, fighting & gun shooting. You can shoot like a pro. Use all your skills to survive & escape the prison.

You’ll have to find resources & use your stealth mode in order to survive this prison. Like Alcatraz this is also a high security prison full of security guards with modern weapons & guns, cctv cameras, k9 dogs, security lasers, password protected doors & patrol cars. You’ll have to survive all this in order to successfully escape this high security prison. Use your stealth moves to divert villain enemy’s attention. Stealth moves like moving silent, sneaking up behind an enemy to take them down & throwing rocks to divert their attention. In addition to this you’ll have to hack into villain enemy’s computers to turn of the cctv security cameras & various security systems. Remember that villains are equipped with guns so expect gun shooting from them. They won’t hesitate to shoot in order to stop you from escaping the jail. Take down the villains & use their guns against them! Shoot them with their guns. There would be times when shooting will only be the way out.

Break out of prison is this free to play action filled thrilling jail escape game. It’s not just a game it’s a test of your stealth, shooting & survival skills. Successfully escape the prison to be the hero & santa claus every kid loves. Download now to experience the stealth action genre has to offer!

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Santa Secret Stealth Mission 2 Apk

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