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Send Reduced lets you share reduced resolution photos by email or text with the minimum number of taps. When sharing a photo, just choose "Send Reduced". The first time, you'll have to choose the email (or other) app you want to use with it, but if you set the checkmark to make this permanent, next time you won't even have to do that–as soon as you choose "Send Reduced", you'll be in the email (or other) app.

You can also use Send Reduced to attach a reduced photo–when choosing the attachment from your email app, first time choose the Gallery and set a checkmark, and next time you'll automatically get the photo from the gallery and reduce it.

You can adjust the resolution and quality of the reduced photo by running Send Reduced from your launcher.

Send Reduced is tiny, open source (search the web for source code) and has no ads. It strips identifying information (EXIF and filename) from the photos. There is also a Pro version which lets you include some EXIF data and preserve filenames if you are interested in supporting the developer.

What’s New

0.16: By default don't save destination app
0.13: Dropbox compatibility
0.12: fix multiple send bug
0.11: Android 6 gmail compat; bug fix
0.10: Brief help info
0.09: Bug fix
0.08: Fix some out-of-memory problems
0.07: Block sending from Send Reduced to Send Reduced
0.06: Reduce highest resolution available to avoid out-of-memory problems.
0.05: Should be compatible with more apps.
0.04: Support for sending multiple images.

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