Steampunk Idle Spinner: cogwheels and machines 1.1.6 Apk

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Steampunk Idle Spinner: cogwheels and machines Apk



Spin the cogwheels, earn money, build your incredible steampunk machine or a whole Clockwork city, which will produce money from spinning, tapping and in the idle state. Imagine a steam-powered giant fidget spinner with engines, pumps, cogwheels, balloons, pistons, zeppelins, railroad and portals? Here it is!

Have fun from connecting gear and spectating your awesome steampunk machine working. Or use the portal to travel to another steampunk, dieselpunk, clockworkpunk or gas lamp fantasy world and start building again! Silent film styled messages will explain you what’s going on in the game.

You have the following mechanisms:
1. Cogwheels. You can spin them with your finger, just like you spin a fidget spinner. You can connect new cogwheels to the existing ones to get the rotation speed multiplier.
2. Engines. You can attach engines to the cogwheels to let them spin by themselves, even while your phone is off! You can upgrade the engines to let them spin faster
3. Coin producing machine. Produces 1 coin per every 10 rotations of the attached cogwheel. Also rotates a small cogwheel, to which other elements can be connected.
4. Coin collector. Collects all the coins produced. Can be upgraded to generate an interest rate of 0.1% of money stored.
5. Balloon pumps. Creates balloons. Upgrade them to build more powerful balloons.
6. Balloons! They fly all over the screen and bring you coins. You can apply speed upgrades to them.
7. Portal. It generate Narrativium, substance needed to restart the current world or travel between the worlds. Right now the game has 2 worlds: Workshop and Clockwork City.
8. Portal power element. Increases the portal’s Narrativium production. Make sure to connect engine, hammer or a crystall to it.
9. Mines. They generate wagons with ore, which reach your fantastic steampunk contraption by railroad and empowers it. To get more ore tap the mine or attach hammers to it
10. Hammer. Hits the connected element (mine or a cogwheel) periodically. The upgraded happer hits more frequently and with bigger power
11. Sun. Main source of power for Clockwork city world. You can spin it with your finger, or connect a planet for automatical rotation
12. House. The most common building in your city. Unfolds (just like in that popular TV series intro 😉 ) and starts producing coins. As building connect to each other, they transit energy.
13. Tavern. Works like a house, but transits energy to two buildings instead of one.
14. Tower. Holds a crystall on its top, which receives energy directly from the sun. Thus, building a Tower makes a shorter path for the sun energy to reach your buildings
15. Windmill. Alternate source of energy for your Clockwork city. Rotates by itself and generates energy. Also you can spin the windmill manually!
16. Bellow. Hovers around the Windmill and blows to it, increasing its rotation speed.
17. Planet. Orbits around the sun and rotates it (yes, in this mechanical world physics works this way! 🙂 )
18. Propeller. Can be connected to the sun and raizes it higher, increasing the amount of energy produced.
19. Tax collector. Flies a zeppelin and grabs coins from the buildings. Doesn’t hurt the building’s usual money productivity and is an additional source of income.
20. Crystall. Receives the energy from the sun and transforms it into the rotation of connected cogwheel.

Combine these elements well to get a real income boost. To succeed you should to think as a scientist, explorer, engineer, tycoon or a spark!

As your steampunk contraption grows bigger, you’ll find gremlins there. Try to catch the gremlin – and you’ll receive a reward!
After you return to your game after being away you’ll see how much money did your steampunk idle spinner give you (like it is commonly in the games of idle genre)
Plan your development and build the best steampunk contraption

There are also some secret ways to earn more money in the game in active and idle modes : will you find them all?

Apk Update

New world available: Floating Islands! Explore it, colonize the islands, use the power of cloud electricity and transfer resources from one island to another to increase the power output.
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