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Teenage Bedroom Designs Apk

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Organizing a teen girl’s room in a way that works for her lifestyle — and makes it easy for her to maintain — will likely result in less conflict between the teen and her parents. Even the tidiest teen could probably benefit from better organization skills. Learning how to keep things organized will aid the teen later in life when multitasking makes staying organized almost a necessity.

Prepare for the organizing process by removing everything from every closet, drawer and corner in the room. Move everything to another room or pile it in the center of the bedroom. Starting fresh with nothing in the way will make it easier to determine the ideal place to put things.

Set up baskets or boxes to represent different designations, such as “keep,” “unsure,” “donate” and “trash.” Separate everything so you know how many things need to be stored. For example, let go of any clothing that hasn’t been worn in more than a year, as well as clothes that don’t fit and clothes that she doesn’t like. Keep pictures and memories that have personal significance, but get rid of anything that isn’t really special. For instance, the trophies won in third grade may mean something to the teen, but the Valentine’s Day cards from the same year probably don’t.

A teen girl’s room can never be too big, which means space is always an issue. Organizing things frees up a lot of unused space and makes the room more enjoyable to be in. Every item she uses, treasures or keeps should have its own home. Plan where you plan to store items according to where she uses them. Make a map or draw a floor plan of the bedroom to design different areas or zones where she typically does certain things and plan to store the items in the area where they are used. If it’s easy to put things away, she is more likely to put them away rather than leave them out. For example, store paper, pens and other supplies at a desk (if there is one) or wherever she does homework, draws, reads or writes. Jewelry, makeup and accessories should be near a mirror or dressing table. Place cell phone or personal music player chargers where she typically charges those items.

Choose a storage system that fits in with her design style and lifestyle. If she loves to read and has a lot of books or if she has awards or things she likes to display, use an open bookshelf or wall shelves. Clear plastic containers store other items, such as out-of-season clothes and extra bedding. Use decorative boxes, baskets or containers to store private or unsightly things, such as letters and chargers.

The Closet
Use the closet to its fullest potential. Hang clothes according to what they are, such as sweatshirts, tops, jeans, skirts or by color, whichever way works best for her. Keep shoes organized by using a shoe rack on the floor or behind the door. A laundry hamper can sit in the corner of the closet or near the dresser, wherever is most convenient. The top of the closet can store clear, labeled containers full of out-of-season clothes, old memories, extra bedding and anything else that does not require immediate, handy access.

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