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guide for Crash of Cars is a multiplayer car battle arena from Not Doppler. In this game players will race around a contained map picking up crowns and attempting to avoid or destroy other players’ vehicles. Gamezebo’s Crash of Cars Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help get you up to speed and into first place—at least for a few seconds. 3d destruction,accident voiture,aniquilar,annientare. fast reaction,fast reaction game,fast-paced,frame simulator,funny tests,garage automobile,google play games,incidente stradale,iphone tricks.
Although there is a short tutorial when you first open Crash of Cars, it’s fairly barebones and there’s no way to replay or review what it teaches you. Here’s a refresher: Crash of Cars is a multiplayer-only arena match-up. There is currently only one game mode, so when you want to play you need only hit the green Play button from the main menu. This will immediately throw you into a match with other players; endless arcade,endless arcade game,endless board,endless game play.
matches are ongoing with no beginning or end, so there is no lobby or waiting period. Your currently selected vehicle will be dropped onto a map and begin driving right away.
Your goal is to collect the golden crowns scattered around the map. The crowns are basically the points for the match. To collect a crown, simply drive over it. The amount of crowns you have collected will be displayed as a number above your vehicle (above your username). If you also see a crown above this number, it means you have collected the most crowns out of the current batch of players and are essentially in first place. crashes,crashing,crashing game,crashy,crazy rivals: racing.
You might find yourself back in the exact same match with some of the same opponents if you keep playing since the games are endless. Collecting as many crowns as possible, and then reaping the related coin reward, is the only goal. bumper cars,bus derby,c channel,camper,car 2 go,car accident.
When you first fall into a match, things can be a bit overwhelming. For starters, you’ll probably see a lot of colorful arrows with names and numbers above them. These are other players’ vehicles; the arrows are pointing out their location in relation to your current position. The number above the arrow is how many crowns they have collected. The color of the arrow indicates their vehicle’s health: a green arrow means full or nearly full health while red indicates they are near-destruction. Whichever arrow/number has a crown over it is currently the crown leader.
On your own vehicle, you’ll see your currently collected crowns as a number (or no number if you haven’t collected any yet), followed by your username, followed by your current health displayed as a segmented bar. You may sometimes see tiny gray icons pop up on your vehicle: these are your current missions and they pop up when you add toward their completion total or finish them entirely. For instance, if your mission is to destroy so many cars and you destroy someone, that mission icon will appear with an updated total. extreme racing,extreme sport. crazy run,crazy test,crétins,cross road,crossroad,cube crush,demo derby,demolish,demolish it,demolition,demolition derby,demolition derby games. auto part,auto stamp,background check,beach buggy.
While driving around the map, there will also be a lot of blue, floating boxes with question marks on them. These are item pick-ups. If you drive into one you will receive a random item. If you see white lights on the road with a blue circle around them, this indicates an area that usually has an item box on it, but it has been picked up recently. If you drive over an item box you will see it turn into the light immediately after. Item boxes reload pretty quickly, so if you come back to that area in about 20 seconds, there should be a new item box waiting. crash,crash bandicoot,crash crash,crash derby,crash drive.

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