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Tower of Saviors Apk

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On the other side of the Realm, a force named the “Yamato” gathers, preparing for the final battle. Behind the fierce battle between the two parties of the “Yamato” series, there are hearts and families broken, lots of stories to be told… Brand new Seal “Yamato” series will arrive the Tower of Saviors realm in the latest version, bringing in the force and magical tricks that only belong to them! The unique abilities they have will undoubtedly change the battlefield landscape once again, implying another wave that marks another start of the endless war… The battle will never stop…

Having realised more enemies have arrived their front, the “Druids of Nature” who have been staying in the nature have decided to return to the battlefield with their new abilities. Empowered by the “Power Release” that unleash their potential, the Druids determine to defend the place where they are from, where everything begins…. At the same time, the “Origin of Demons” who have discovered the hidden force of “Amelioration” in themselves have decided to step up for the proud and dignity of the Demons.

In Version 13.1, Race Runestones have arrived that bring further enhancement to the strength of Races. With such new Runestones, there is much possibility for Summoners to discover how to utilize the strength and bring an end to this seemingly endless war!

In TOS, you are chosen one to be a Summoner, the one bringing back peace to the realm. As a Summoner, you will need to hone your skills in dissolving Runestones, making use of the rewards you gain from battles to collect monsters with mythical backgrounds, and challenging more than 600 stages of different difficulties.

Tower of Saviors is a free of charge game! Summoners may purchase Diamonds for a different experience, including drawing rare cards, restoring Stamina and extending the Inventory limit, etc.

Join the war now to bring an end to this endless war!

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What’s New

The most enjoyable mobile game – Tower Of Saviors all new version 13.1 “Age of the Kami” releases now!

1. Brand new “Yamato” series and Exclusive Seal
2. “Druids of Nature” series obtain the ability to Power Release
3. “Origin of Demons” series available for “Amelioration”
4. New Race Runestones empower the strength of Race Team


在神魔大陸的另一端,一股名為「大和」的全新力量正在集結,正邪雙方為交戰作最後準備,大戰的背後卻隱藏無盡的故事… 全新專屬封印「大和」系列將在新版本登場,為這片戰事連年的土地帶來屬於他們的靈力和法術。這股全新力量勢必再一次改變這戰場的發展,史詩般的戰爭一發不可收拾。


13.1 版本中,全新種族符石為種族帶來更強力量!更多的可能性讓召喚師一一發掘!

神魔之塔中,你就是我們的希望,相信能為這混亂的世界帶來改變的召喚師。召喚師可以透過特定符石消除的試煉,利用通關的獎賞去收集以神話為背景的召喚獸,挑戰超過 600 多個不同難度的關卡。




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