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A T-shirt is a basic piece of clothing, that is present in every wardrobe. It is very easy to style and comes in handy, especially when you are in a hurry. It can be called a wardrobe staple. However, the downside of wearing this piece of apparel is that there is not much variation in its shape and design, and hence, most of us end up purchasing many T-shirts in similar styles. However, they can be made more versatile, and given an interesting look, by cutting them to create unique and funky designs. This should be done carefully, as haphazardly cutting it will render the garment useless. Before doing this, ensure that you have a design in mind, and then decide how to go about it.

Cutting It into a Tank Top

A tank top is one of the easiest designs to make. You do not require any advanced sewing skills to do this, where it is a novel way of transforming your tees. To make a tank top, get hold of a T-shirt that fits you well. Now, turn it inside out, and place it on a work table. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut off its sleeves. Next, cut off any excess fabric from the bottom, such that the top sits above your waistline.

It is always better to mark the area of the fabric that you will be cutting, by holding the garment against your body. This is because, if you end up cutting more fabric than intended, you will not be able to do anything about it, and it will go to waste. Once you have cut the garment, sew it along the edge, so that it does not fray. However, if you prefer a grungy look, then you can leave it like that.

Cutting It without Sewing

Take two ordinary, fitted T-shirts in complementary colors like purple and green, or contrasting colors like blue and red. Now, turn one of them inside out on a work table and draw a big heart or any other design of your choice on the fabric. Mark horizontal lines on the design, making sure that there is a gap of at least 1 inch between each line. Now, place a heavy piece of cardboard between the layers of the garment, and slash the horizontal lines with a pair of scissors or sharp knife. This will give it a ribbed effect. Wear this T-shirt over the other one for a layered look. These T-shirts look very trendy and are quite popular. They save you the hassle of sewing them.

You can use many other techniques to come up with your own styles and designs. This way, you can revamp your entire wardrobe without spending much money.


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