UlangoTV IPTV Explorer 2.0 2.1.27 Apk

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UlangoTV IPTV Explorer 2.0 Apk

Package :tv.ulango.ulangotv2


UlangoTV is a highly specialized search engine for live IPTV streams with integrated player. Every day thousands of new stream URLs are found, analyzed and classified. For the safety of users and for the protection of the content owners, the search results are flagged with color codes:

Yellow streams have been known to us for more than 6 months. Typically these ‘official’ streams are without license problems. All registered users can see these streams freely.

Blue streams have been known to us for more than 6 weeks. Also these are usually ‘official’ streams without license problems. Trial users can see these streams, but you must define stored searches for regions, categories, or playlists, which can be populated with our ChannelExplorer at http://ulango.tv.

Magenta streams are usually short-lived and have only been known to us recently. These streams are likely to originate from unlicensed sources. Premium users must give us a special search order to search for such streams at their own risk. The streams with the best quality are found in this category, but with high fluctuation.

Red streams belong to blocked channels. Premium users can only see these channels if they themselves upload m3u lists and enter the assigned channel IDs at their own risk directly into search jobs.
The blocked channels include adult channels as well as stations, for which there are exclusive distribution rights of third parties.

The coverage of the channels can vary greatly and we can not guarantee availability or quality of the streams, since we are not the operators of the stream servers. The stream result lists are transferred to the UlangoTV IPTV Explorer app and presented in a hierarchical list sorted by continents, subregions and countries. On average, there are 5 stream urls for a channel.

Because there is not a single player which can play all the streams equally well, we give the user the possibility to choose between two internal players (Android MediaPlayer and libVLC) and some external players, which however have to be installed separately (VLC, MX Player, Perfect Player and XMTV).

The best selection of stations can be found in the regions:

★ Turkey (Turkish, turk)
★ Kurdish
★ Italy (Italia)
★ ExYu (Serbia, Croatia (Croatian), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia)
★ Russia (Russian, Ukraine)
★ Area NilSAT and the Arab World (Arab / Arabic)
★ Germany (German)

There is a current channel list on ulango.tv

A premium subscription is available via the Ulango shop http://ulango.tv/shop for currently 3 € / month.

Apk Update

* upgrade of libVLC to rev 8f5c71f
* less crashes by avoiding untested features in VLC
* automatic restart of streams – less frequent freezes
* better methods to detect bad streams
* more flexibility in the configuration of search orders
* Editorial changes
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Version 2.1.27
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UlangoTV IPTV Explorer 2.0 Apk

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