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Wake me up! is a constantly improved smart alarm application with advanced features, thought with Material Design in mind from the start.

It is fully compliant with Android 6 Marshmallow, Android 7 Nougat, Doze mode and DirectBoot. Even in Doze mode, the alarms fire properly and on time.

Scheduling features
• Non-repeating alarm for multiple days
• Repeating alarms can ring every week, every 2 weeks, etc.
Prevent your alarm to ring during a short or long period of time without disabling it.
• Define a specific date from which your repeating alarm will automatically disable itself
Change the time your alarm will ring on specific days
• "Gentle wake up": will start ringing softly some time before the scheduled alarm.
Skip an alarm or go back to a previously skipped alarm in one tap
Quick nap: easily set an alarm to ring in 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour in one tap

Calendar-related scheduling features
Associate your alarm with one calendar and:
Prevent an alarm from ringing on days having "all-day" event (multi-days event are supported)
More already planned for future releases

Integrate your alarms with Android Wear and Tasker, as an event plugin or following an event.

Informational features
Weather forecast (Weather forecast summary up to seven days, temperatures chart, maximum and minimum temperatures, etc.).
• TTS message after dismissing an alarm: Greetings, Current date, Current time, Weather forecast, Max & min temperatures

Ringtone features
• Progressive ringtone
• Repeating TTS message
• One time TTS message, then repeating ringtone
• Use a music file as a ringtone
• Vibrations
Progressive, specific or default brightness
• Lower or mute ringtone volume when taking the phone

Snooze and missed alarm features
Limit the number of snoozing or even forbid any snoozing
• Customize the sooze length
Decreasing snooze length: snooze length will decrease after each report, down to one minute
Auto-snooze: missed alarms will be automatically snoozed (a maximum number of automatic snoozing can be defined)
• Change the length of you alarm for its last repeat before being missed instead of automatically snoozed
• Snooze an alarm by flipping the phone or waving your hand over the phone

Look features
• Theme your alarm using default colors
• Choose one of your pictures as your alarm background and use one of your picture's palette color as its theme
• Automatically see a picture background related to your weather forecast
Custom notifications: a notification that displays your next alarm, permits to dismiss it and shows weather forecast

Night mode
• Shows current weather summary and temperature
Different types of night modes: Standard, Increase brightness on tap, Fully black screen and shows information on tap

Tasker integration
• Snooze or dismiss an alarm after an event
• Generate an event when an alarm is enabled, disabled, goes off, is snoozed, is dismissed, or is missed

Other features
Online backup/restore (alarms and settings) via Google Drive
• Local backup/restore
• Dark theme
• Clone an alarm
• Lock your alarm with a passcode
• Hide your notifications on a secure lockscreen
• Permanent notification: an always displayed notification about your next alarm, that permits to skip it or go back to it, and shows weather forecast.
Challenges: solve a mathematical challenge or reproduce a text to dismiss the alarm
• Widgets: a widget that shows the next ringing alarm, permits to skip it or go back to a previously skipped alarm
• Test your alarms before saving

Google+ Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/100666839075148296567
Google+ Beta Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/109444887841058364077

What’s New

– Android 7.1 support
– Switch off automatically the screen after dismissing or snoozing an alarm
– Quote of the day.
– Set a different length for Gentle Wake Up for each alarm.
– The event Tasker plugin can be tested without purchasing the premium pack.
– Fast exception time : change the time your alarm will ring next in one tap.
– Tasker alarms: alarms triggered by Tasker and not by the time.
– Filter calendars for TTS and calendar events screen.
– Weather forecast improvements

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